Like gas-powered quadcopters drones, the number of drone users is increasing and, although battery-powered drones dominate the market, there are also ones with combustion engines. This type of drone has applications in special operations, like agriculture. For monitoring the operating state of internal combustion engine models, sensors like the FrSky Gas Suite are recommended and they can be found in specialized stores, such as the HorusRC online store.

FrSky’s Gas Suite is the most suitable sensor for this important task since it is of high quality and has lots of functions. It’s configured through several parameters (initial quantity of gas, alarm values, and so on) using transmitters and the FreeLink app.  In addition to monitoring the fuel, the product is able to measure the ambient’s and engine’s real-time temperatures, which is useful for telemetry.

Furthermore, it monitors fuel flow velocity and the motor’s RPM, not to mention that it also gives the pilot full manual control over the ignition system. Thus, it is of no surprise that this product is a leader in sales. Go get yours now at!


The Gas Suite system is divided into three main parts: module, flowmeter, and temperature sensors. The product is compatible with FrSky XJT transmitter modules and FrSky X4R, X6R, X8R, X4RSB Receivers. The connection diagram is very simple and there are no secrets for when you are applying this accessory to a gas-powered quadcopter.


Connection diagram

A compact, lightweight, and efficient product: these characteristics define this product, which can be purchased at Weighing only 19g and dimensions of 40 x 28.8 x 12.7mm, the sensor operates with a voltage between 4.0 ~ 10.0V. The impressive FrSky Gas Suite thermometer can measure between -20 ~ 310ºC for ambient temperature and -20º ~ 250ºC for the engine. The measured speed is between 100 ~ 10,000RPM.

All measurements happen in real-time. This perfect accessory allows alarms to be triggered according to the previously defined settings. With this, it is possible to find out when the fuel reaches a certain percentage, or when the fuel flow is above the amount desired by the pilot of the gas-powered quadcopter, or even know when the engine reaches a certain speed and temperature.

Outstanding quality

It is essential to really know how your engine is working during the flight and with the use of the FrSky Gas Suite, you have perfect monitoring in your hands. It is also possible to attach more than one receiver to the system, even if one fails the other guarantees data storage and acts as a backup. The best receivers are those made by FrSky and can be found as well on


Whole Set

The degree of precision found in the FrSky Gas Suite is one of the best on the market. For the measurement of engine speeds and fuel flow, an accuracy of +/- 2% is shown. For temperature, environment, and engine measurements, the degree of accuracy is +/- 1%. These numbers give the product an impressive level of reliability, giving fidelity to all the data obtained.

Easy feedback for the user

Monitoring can also be done by viewing the LED lights that vary the speed at which they flash to indicate the drone's velocity, temperature, and flow. There are several resources that can be used so that you will not lose any important data during telemetry flights. It is worth mentioning that with the FrSky Gas Suite, it is possible to activate and deactivate the ignition control system manually, allowing the monitoring and total control of the combustion engine.


Gas Suite Module with two LED lights

Final considerations

Gas-powered quadcopters travel much longer than battery-powered drones. Besides, there is no waste of time between flights, because, when it is out of fuel, you just have to fill up, with no need to wait for the batteries to be recharged. Combustion engines can carry more weight than electric ones. The FrSky Gas Suite is an accessory of great importance for this group of drones and does not require any additional configuration to the radio controllers.

The investment is recommended. A very complete product and at the same time very simple to use. It will certainly be a great addition to your drone. The FrSky Gas Suite is the best way to monitor a glow engine, with a physical interface containing controllers for temperature, flow, CDI pulse input/output, channel input, and smart port. The product stands out from the others in terms of quality, as well as the other FrSky products available on