HD sync helps you simplify the entire process of uploading the log files of your HD sync drone from your phone. Instead of you trying to connect the device to your computer and then have it transferred manually, it would instead directly upload the files. There are two sync modes available which are the manual sync and the automatic sync. Using HD sync will ensure that flights are uploaded to Airdata as quickly as the flight lands. Note that it is fully automatic and the flights will automatically synchronize from thence.

Flying your HD sync drone with Smart devices

Several drones come with advanced flight controller apps that function on a tablet or a smartphone. Using a smart device to fly has its unique rewards. For instance, you enjoy first-person flight which means you will be flying with a live video feed directly from the front of the drone which makes it seem you are directly flying the drone from the cockpit.

Also, you will enjoy advanced GPS controls meaning that you will be able to plot maps using different GPS coordinates. Also, your drone will be able to go on autopilot which is ideal for those who desire to be free to control just the camera. The GPS tracking also ensures that the location gets communicated back to the control. This ensures you know where the drone is located each time.

Furthermore, you enjoy the benefits of diagnostic data which implies that you will be able to track what the drone is up to at different times while using the visual display. Also, the computer of the drone streams the battery data to the smart device thus giving you an updated status of your battery power.

Why you need Drone sync

Getting your sync drone linked can be a rather rewarding venture for different reasons. The benefits it offers are immense, for instance, you can get quick visibility of the performance of your aircraft while quickly identifying the possible issues arising from your drone. Also, you should be able to eliminate the manual recording of the flight information while lowering data errors.

  • Analytical purposes

The capabilities of drones are on the increase and this means more complexity. The different systems on the aircraft usually generate a lot of data. Therefore, drone pilots should be conscious of their flight environment while remaining focused on the navigation of their aircraft. For those who seek to understand the health of their drone and ensure safety while airborne, there is a great need for advanced analytics of different data.

  • Maintenance

Are you using an airworthy drone? You can manage the maintenance of the batteries and aircraft by closely monitoring the recommended service schedules, usage, and maintenance reports. You will be able to ascertain where your drone stands in its maintenance cycle and thus properly manage it. Also, make sure you transfer the maintenance to someone who is experienced when you observe that the problems seem beyond your expertise.

How to connect your aircraft with your remote controller

There are times when the drone and remote controller may become unpaired. In a situation where your LCD screen reads connect your aircraft and the rear LCD of the aircraft shows a fast flashing yellow, you will have to reconnect the drone to the controller.

To reconnect your HD sync drone to the controller, you need to turn off the remote controller, turn on the aircraft and click and hold the RC binding button found on the side of the drone for 5 seconds. Proceed to click and hold the power and home buttons at the same time on the remote controller for a few seconds. The binding indicator will then flash a solid green light if it is successful.

Last line

Making the most of your HD sync drone depends on how aware you are of its features. This drone was built with extra features which makes it possible to Livestream events as they happen using the clearest images. Learn how to make the most of its features while also ensuring you know how to maintain it. Follow the tips contained in this article to maximize the potentials of the drone.