High-intensity Cree led white strobe light for drones are vital. In most cases one usually sets cash aside to buy a drone and not the accessories. Which begs the question have you installed high-intensity Cree led light on your drone? These particular lights are also known as anti-collision lights.

The lights are crucial for any pilot and it is a requirement for all drone owners, whether commercial or rotational as stated by law. This guarantees your toy's safety while in the air.        

What are anti-collision lights?

These are ultra-bright lights, which are usually white or even coloured. The lights have been designed to help you to maintain visibility of the aircraft at night. If you are to fly the device past day time, you will need the anti-collision lights. The lights are compulsory for both recreational and commercial drones.

Besides being a requirement, it gives you visibility, which prevents it from crashing on obstacles and other drones. Even if you have an obstacle avoidance sensor, it won't help since you can see the flight path at night.

What is the difference between anti-collision and navigation lights?  

There is a slight difference between anti-collision and navigation lights. Some people confuse the lights thinking they serve the same purpose, but they don't. Let's break it down for you to learn the difference.

Navigation lights are built in the drone to help the pilot maintain a sense of orientation. When flying at night or in the dark, the lights are placed on the right and left sides of the drone. According to the aviation standards, the drone's left side should have a red light and the right side of green light. Additionally, the drones do not blink or even strobe.

However, when it comes to anti-collision lights, the story is a bit different. The lights are meant to help you determine the location of your Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). These lights are usually coloured white and even light up in a strobe pattern at intervals of one per second. The anti-collision lights you will find in the market tend to be coloured white, but there are red. The lights are even visible during the day. 

How to choose anti-collision lights 

Though the drones produced today come with in-built anti collision lights, they are not bright enough. Therefore, you will need to head out to the store or online stores to purchase the product. Which begs the question, what does one look for when shopping for the device? In this section, we will discuss some of the crucial features to look for in anti-collision lights.


The anti-collision lights available in the market today come with an inbuilt battery. This means it won't drain the drone's battery when on. Though, you will need extra batteries in case the initial one runs out.

 On the other hand, not all the lights come with their batteries. Some will require you to plug it into the drone's powers source. This, in turn, means the drone's battery runs out faster than usual. Therefore, we recommend checking this feature when out shopping for anti-collision light. Stick to the one that has an inbuilt battery to enjoy long flight time. 


The weight of the device also matters since it will add to the mass of the drone. The balance and distribution of weight are vital for the drone to soar at greater attitudes. For this reason, the lights should be light not to interfere with the aircraft's initial weight.   

3.Mounting options

Installing the anti-collision lights is a simple process that takes minutes. 

However, you need a device that you can stick on the drone and the tape to withstand all the outdoor elements. This ensures it won't fall off when flying. Plus, lights need to be durable to get value for your money.

High-intensity Cree led white strobe light review

It's one of the most amazing airplanes light in the market. The High intensity 4 LED Strobe light offers the brightest navigation strobe from the CREE bulbs for clear visibility. This is more than the FAA 107 requirements. The device also comes with a 100mAh rechargeable battery for longer run times, and even the manufacture has included the mounting kit. The battery lasts for a maximum of three hours, which is ideal for night flight.

Additionally, the device has a USB port that can be used to recharge it when the battery runs out. You can simply charge the device in your car while driving to your desired destination. The High-intensity Cree led can be mounted on an airplane.


  • The device weighs about 14 grams, making it ideal for a drone since it doesn't interfere with the drone's weight.
  • The batter runs for a maximum of 3 hours and can be full recharged within 20 minutes
  • It's simple to mount since one uses Velcro nylon stickers; no wiring needed  
  • The 4 LED lights offer the best line of sight to the pilot 

Final Thought

Anti-collision lights are important for your device, especially at night. It helps to avoid hitting or crashing into obstacles or even other drones. Plus, it is a must-have for any pilot as stipulated by the law.