Shopping for an FPV kwad can be a daunting process, especially for beginners. The frustration of going through multiple articles just to get what you need is overwhelming. This is why we are here to guide you throughout the whole process.

Though quadcopter has a stylish design, you can assume they have the best features, remember looks deceive.  For this reason, we have compiled a list of the essential features to look for in a kwad. This guarantees you get value for your money and the most out of your airplane.

What is an FPV Kwad?

FPV Kwad refers to a quadcopter, which is a remote-controlled airplane. The device can be piloted remotely using "First Person View" goggles. The goggles have been connected to the camera installed on the aircraft, which transmits real-time footage.

For those who prefer sophistication, there are those UAVs that have been fitted with a pan-and-tilt gimbaled camera. The camera is then controlled with a gyroscope sensor in the goggles. The sensor is what determines the angular orientation when flying. Meanwhile, the dual camera gives you a stereoscopic view while in the cockpit.

How to choose a Quadcopter   

When it comes to choosing an FPV quad, it not a walk in the park. There are certain things that one has to have in mind when out shopping. Though the budget is equally important, at this point, it is useless if you don't know what you are buying.

Moreover, many have been duped into purchasing a substandard product because of the price. This is something we wouldn't want you to go through. Hence we have prepared this buyer guide for you. The things to look into when purchasing the FPV kwad are:   

1.Class and Wingspan

The airplane's wingspan is the distance from the blade tip to the blade tip along with one of its sides. The length is usually measured in millimeters. Plus, drones are measures to allocate them to a class where they belong. For one to know, the quadcopter class is measured from the center of one motor to the other. This is done across the front of the aircraft.     

For example, the 250 class racing drone measures 250 millimeters. This is a distance taken from one motor to the other. Why the front engines and not the side motors?  One would ask, well, this is the side distance between the motors tend to vary.

There are three classes of drones one can opt for. They include

  • Microdrones which measures 50- 100
  • Mid-sized airplanes that measure 150-300mm
  • Large size toy drones that measure 600mm

The reason why we insist on considering the wingspan and class is for you to know where to fly the drone. Wingspan usually affects flight stability.

 For example, a smaller, light kwad with a shorter wingspan can maneuver and fly perfectly indoors. However, when it is taken outside where there is the wind, it will be hard for it to fly. Hence, we will recommend large-size drones for outdoor activities. Therefore, always consider the size of the plane and the factors that might affect it.    

2.Flight time

How long will the device remain in the air? This is a question you should ask yourself before purchasing a drone.  The flight time in quads is cauterized into two. There are those drones that fly 5 to 10 minutes while another 15-30 minutes. However, this will depend on why you need an airplane in the first place.

A good example is if you require the drone for commercial purposes. This could be to either cover an event such as a wedding.  Hence, you will go for the quadcopter that takes 15-30 minutes of flight.


When shopping for an FPV quad, the cameras need to be checked as well. Before, quadcopters were not fitted with onboard cameras, but today it's a must. The quality of the camera determines the resolution of your footage and images.  For this reason, go for a device with a high-end camera. This could be 720p HD or even a 5.0 MP camera.


What controller does the drone use? It could either be a 2.4 GHz or even Wi-Fi. These are what one uses to pilot their UAVs. Hence one has to consider which one is user-friendly.

  • 2.4 GHz   

Most devices are controlled using the 2.4GHz band, which provides remote communication between you and the drone. A basic controller will have an analog stick, which helps adjust the altitude, pitch, roll, and even yaw of the drone.

 Plus, the camera control buttons are also fitted on it. There are some which have been fattened with LCD screens, which provides you with real time footage. Therefore ensure you purchase quality control to get the most out of your drone.

  • Wi-Fi

On the other hand, there are those quadcopters that use the Wi-Fi network as controllers. This means you can download an app on your Smartphone and use it to control the drone. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to master the craft. It will be like playing a game on your phone.   

  • Sensors

Sensors are equally important when looking for a drone. This is because it helps you to avoid crashing your toy when flying. Therefore, go for a brand that comes with the feature installed since it will save you money.

Apart from that, there are Return home, Auto Landing, and GPS sensors, among others, which ensure you have a good flight. Therefore check for these features.


FPV quadcopters are the best if you know how to operate them. Therefore start with the smaller drone if you're a beginner as you advance. Plus, it is vital to check the prices of the drone before purchasing. Always stick to your budget and don't be talked into buying a device that does meet your requirements.

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