For any drone to be controller and flown safely, it needs a immersion RC 600mW transmitter. This is what is used to send commands to the drone via a receiver. The two components have to be connected for the pilot to interact with the RC aircraft.

Moreover, there are different kinds of transmitters one can use. Some of the channels used in the transmission fall outside the legal bands. The legal bands include ISM and Amateur Radio. Therefore if the transmitter you use falls outside the legal bands you’re bound to face legal actions.

In this case the immersion RC 600mw transmitter is illegal in some states. Hence, one needs to know the rules and regulations which guiding the use of frequencies in drone operations. That said we are going to see what the transmitter is all about and how it works.

Immersion RC 600mw transmitter

The immersion RC refers to an interface that connects the pilot and the drone. Through it the pilot or glider is able to issue commands to the drone. This could be to take a nose dive, move into a high attitude you name it. However in some states one has to apply for an Armature radio license to use the transmitter on their devices.

Additionally, the RC 600mw uses about 8 channels and it is not interfered with the 2.4GHz. The transmitter also has a built-in super-quiet switching regulator. This is what powers the transmitter and the 5V camera connected to it. This, in turn helps to transmit video and audio to your FPV goggles.

For example the immersion RC 600mw has been designed to be compatible with all 5.8GHz FatShark FPV Goggles. To facilitate a clear communication channel a built in 5.8 GHz receiver is inbuilt in the drone which operates in the same channels as the transmitter.


  • It has SMA female antenna connector
  • Frequencies it operates on are 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, and 5860 MHz (immersionRC/FatShark)
  • Powers 5V cameras including HD versions
  • 600mW (28Dbm,+/- 1dB) of clean output power  
  • Input voltage range: 6-25V (2s-6s)
  • Light weight
  • All standard channels within the US/EU ISM Band
  • It’s not affected with 2.4GHz R/C radios

Immersion RC Vs Boscam 600mW video transmitter

For you to understand how powerful the transmitter is, we’re going to compare it with another band in the market. The Boscam 600mW also offers the same services as the immersion RC but there is a slight difference.  

Frequency bands

Though, they both offer the same services, immersion RC operates at different set of frequency bands.  This is 8 frequencies while Bascom transmitter which has 4 frequencies each having 8 channels. The reason why most people prefer the immersion RC to the Bosman is the fact that it is compatible with FatShark goggles.  Additionally when it comes to frequency range the immersion RC take the day as well.

Power supply Voltage  

When it comes to power supply immersion 600mW has an added advantage.  If you have chosen to use the transmitter you are certain your operations will continue as normal. This is because the transmitter can be powered with a range of 7V and 25V. On the other hand the Boscam can only accept an input voltage that falls within the 7.4 V and 16V.  

Output Power Vs Frequency channel

When it comes to power the Boscam 600mW is overstated in term of its output, though immersion RC 600mW output more power. The maximum output power for immersion transmitter is 746nW while that of Boscam is 247mW. According to our test this is even less that what is specified in the Boscam 600mW.

When it comes to frequencies channels immersion RC has 8 channels while Boscam operates on 4 channels. Furthermore immersion RC operates perfectly in the first three channels that are 5740, 5760, and 5780. But when it comes to Boscam 600mW there are no best channels, one is need to adjust the antenna to find a clear channel.

What makes the immersion RC perfect in transmission is that it has its own circular polarized antenna which are known as  Fatrshark SpiroNet antenna. The old versions are a clover leaf (tx) and Skew planar (rx). While in the new version there are two identical skew planar (four leaf) which are found on both receiver and transmitter. For this reason you can swap them around and still manage to obtain a clear frequency channel.

Take Away

Immersion RC 600mW is the best transmitter to have for your drone. However to operate it one will need an Armature Radio License. Though, this depends on the rule and the regulations in your country. For this reason before purchase the device read through the regulation to know what is expected of you.