The Immersion 5.8 Receiver belongs to an elite category of receivers and it is custom made for plug and play, single-cable integration. The Mini-Din connector serves as the link for audio, power, and video that gets connected to the ground station. This receiver comes with a lot of unique benefits that make it stand out from the crowd.

Using this receiver is very easy because all you need to do is use a single button and you will be able to create the user-configurable settings while also switching channels. When the power gets applied and the low voltage warning option gets selected, it will show the number of liPo cells available. With this receiver, you will be able to tune to 7 channels using the 5.8GHz ISM band, this means it is compatible with existing 5.8GHz FPV equipment in the market.

Using the Immersion 5.8 Receiver means you will be able to cycle through the 7 channels every time you press the button with the last channel you chose stored for the next user when the device gets powered on.

Channel guide

The word channel is a common feature with receivers and it has two distinct meanings. First, a channel refers to the number of channels that an airplane or radio system has and deals with the different controllable functions which the plane possesses.

A single channel RC place has one function that can get controlled by the pilot. The double channel comes with a motor and rudder while the triple channel features a rudder, motor, and elevator.

For four-channel RC planes, they come with elevator, rudder, ailerons, and throttle which all make up the basic RC airplane controls. The number of channels which an RC plane could have is dependent on the number of functions which the pilot intends to control. Larger and more complicated RC planes may need between 6 and 8 channels for operating the primary controls. also, as other capabilities such as flaps, parachute deployment, and camera use.

The second meaning of channel number talks about the radio frequency channel which the radio control gear functions on. Across the globe, different frequency channels are for RC flying. These channels get assigned numbers which means that two pilots won’t be able to fly using the same MHz channel because there would be interference of the RC systems which could lead to issues for the pilots.

Components of an RC gear

Understanding what makes up a radio control gear will help you make better decisions.  The typical radio system has the transmitter and receiver.

  • Transmitter

Also referred to as radio, the transmitter is the box that gets held when navigating your RC Plane? By default, there are several configurations of the transmitter which can are in the RC hobby. These transmitters have trims, sticks, and switches as well as rotating dial. These dial, switches, and levers get used for channels that are above the basic controls such as flaps and retractable landing gear. The added channels are also called auxiliary channels.

RC transmitter mode refers to the configuration upon which the transmitter gets built as it has to do with the stick controlling channels.

  • Receiver

The Immersion 5.8 Receiver is in the model and it gets connected to the servo using fine gauge wires. Usually, a thin wire goes from the receiver, this antenna is either 3 inches or 4 inches long and gets connected to the fin. The regular GHz receiver comes with two small antennas which are about an inch in length. Make sure the MHz long antenna never gets cut to shorten its length as this would hamper the receiver’s ability to get radio signal and this could lead to undesirable consequences.

More often than not, the plane may fly away from the range of the radio thus causing you to lose control. When this occurs, your plane may crash.

As it is with your TV or radio receives signal emanating from the stations, your radio receiver also receives the signal coming from the transmitter as you flick a switch. The signals then move to the servos which then respond to it. Note that the total number of connection slots that a receiver has is dependent on the number of channels available.

Final words

The Immersion 5.8 Receiver is a game-changer in the RC industry for different reasons. It comes with more channel options, greater range, and added features which makes it suitable for experts and newbies. You will only be able to maximize it if you know how to use it and this is why this guide should serve as your support manual.