Many hobbyists would like to purchase and have their own drones, but when practicality kicks in, spending $600 and more on a toy is definitely a significant no-no. Most will not shell out that much just for a single toy. The price is a major let down, especially if you are not fully committed to flying drones. This can change, though, with the Mota JetJat Ultra Drone with its pocket friendly market price.

As per recent market updates, the listed price on the Mota JetJat mini drone has come down to just $47.38, making it one of the most economically priced drones on the market. The best part is that at that price you get a drone of superior quality making this a great deal. Relatively small in size at less than four inches wide, it can easily fit the palm of your hands.

This mini drone however has specs and a design that is committed to delivering you high-resolution images and videos. It's understandable if you're skeptical, but this tiny drone has a lot of power for such a small package.

From the drone, charger, and controller – everything is small and can easily fit inside your pocket. This is literally a drone on the go because you can take it anywhere with you. The drone itself can be kept within the remote-control unit; it’s easy cargo, safe, and effortless for transportation. A mighty mini if you can call it that.

You will soon realize that this great nano drone is packed with fast-flying power. What it lacks in size, it compensates even more with its power and speed. It can really fly fast. This JetJat can also gain an altitude of about 75 feet, which is more than enough height to capture some great photos from an altitude.

This drone is a keeper because it is impressively durable, which is a little bit of a surprise. With its size being so small, one would expect it to be super fragile with most assuming it will break apart at first crash. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It can hold its own amidst the crashing and human errors most drone operators are bound to experience. What's more, the brand very considerately includes several replacement blades, in case of breakages, which are bound to happen eventually.

Getting it airborne is a pleasant experience because it is going to be a direct flight. After successfully pairing it with the remote, you can launch it into the air with just a single press of a button. Landing is also similar where you just have to press another button, making landing safe. In other words, the tiny drone comes with one-touch take-off and landing.

For a little fun and more interactive take-off, you can also set it on your palm, turn it, and then throw it into the air so it can hover. The app that comes with it is 100% user-friendly. You can control the whole flight, tweak and make adjustments on balance, increase your propeller speed, and manage your onboard camera.

You can be sure that all images and videos are recorded, and it can automatically be saved and stored on your smartphone's video library.

The camera of this drone, as per MOTA, should deliver crystal clear video, but with the onboard camera only being 640 x 480 SD, the images would end up grainy. The camera is not its most remarkable feature compared to other brands, but it is workable and doable unless you are clicking pics for Nat Geo.

A sure winner when it comes to a fun past-time, this drone can provide you with memorable flying hours. It serves its purpose of being a recreational drone, and with its simple controls, it is great for kids as well. You can let your kids have a go at it without stressing over how much dollars they are going to crash.

If you are up for some hours of big fun in small doses, better get yourself a Jet Ultra Drone. For what you're paying for it, you got the best side of the bargain. With its excellent and substantial design, you can be sure that it is a drone that you'd be playing for years. It is user-friendly and meant to be enjoyed. It is no surprise that JetJat won a finalist spot as one of the best Tech Toys last 2017. Their toy creations and ideas are awe-inspiring.

So get your hands on the Mota JetJat Ultra Drone- it comes to you at a steal and get ready for some smooth flying experiences with features like auto landing and takeoff, one touch hover etc. that have never been seen before in mini drones.