Hunting for the largest RC helicopter you can buy this year? Many RC Helicopter enthusiasts consider piloting drones like a second love. Like people who obsess over the latest models released in car shows, drone hobbyists always search for new types of drones. They are never content with what they have, and they always want to experience something different. Drone pilots satisfy their shiny object tendency by crafting custom-made RC helicopters that are larger than average. After all, it is hard to miss a large flying object.

Although drone pilots find it cool when the occasional passerby notices their drone, their small size makes them difficult to notice. Drones are in many different shapes and colors, but only a few sizes are available for pre-built models. So somebody looking for the largest RC helicopter you can buy will not be able to go on Amazon and buy a helicopter drone the size of a private jet.

So What Is The Largest RC Helicopter You Can Buy?

Currently, the record holder for the largest RC Helicopter is the EC-135 ADAC Notarzt Christoph 33. If a person were to try to go on Amazon and search for it, they would not find it. It is what is called a scaled model. Scaled RC helicopter models are large drone models that people make almost from scratch. After they purchase the materials that form the base of the helicopter, they customize all other facets. The result is a large model that does not exist in the pre-built helicopter market.

Building a Scaled RC helicopter is the best option for a person who wants something more massive than everything else. Not only can they build a super-sized model, but they can customize the design in almost infinite ways. The only limit to what people make is their imagination. Furthermore, someone serious about making piloting RC helicopter drones as a hobby would benefit from learning how to construct a custom model. The process of building an RC helicopter will make a person more knowledgeable on the inner-workings. Moreover, it can make them better pilots.

While it sounds like an excellent idea, in theory, to strike out alone to craft a custom RC helicopter, a budding drone mechanic would not even know where to start. People pay for professional training to build electrical creations. Even then, there is always the chance of making a mistake that could ruin the creation entirely.


Is There A Way To Build A Scaled RC Helicopter Without Being An Expert Helicopter Mechanic?

Thankfully, building a scaled RC Helicopter without being a pro mechanic or getting lost in complexities is possible. Even though it is impossible to get a done-for-you scaled RC helicopter, it does not have to be as hard as building one from scratch.

With a "scaled helicopter kit," it is possible to build a super-sized RC helicopter without tons of mechanical experience. These kits come form-ready, with only the electrical and mechanical parts required to make it function. It does not take an expert RC helicopter mechanic to buy electrical and mechanical parts online and install them. However, it can be costly. With smaller pre-built RC helicopter models, the electrical and mechanical parts are less sophisticated. On the other hand, larger models require more significant and more sophisticated parts, requiring a bigger monetary investment. For this reason, a person thinking about investing in a scaled helicopter kit should keep the costly price tag in mind.

How much money is required to purchase a pre-built scaled helicopter kit? The price ranges from $1699 to $2000 for the body, rotor blades, and tail blades by themselves. The materials that are required to make the scaled helicopter fly include:

  • A helicopter flight controller
  • ESC or electronic speed control
  • A brushless motor
  • cyclic servos
  • tail servo
  • A LiPO battery
  • six or seven-channel radio
  • six or seven-channel receiver

Usually, websites selling the scaled helicopter kits suggest parts they recommended to buy. However, a person is free to buy any part he wants. Although these prepared kits can be of very high quality, they can lack the instructions necessary to help a person build the helicopter correctly. For this reason, it is good practice to spend time researching the kits one is interested in buying. Nothing would be more annoying than buying an expensive kit to find out that it does not even have the instructions necessary for it to function correctly.

A Large RC Helicopter at your fingertips?

While a person will never buy the largest helicopter you can buy, it is possible to buy a scaled RC helicopter kit to modify to become such. Even though it will require much effort to build a large model, there is much satisfaction working hard on a scaled RC helicopter model. Once seeing the results, people will feel as if they accomplished great feet. People looking at the completed model will wish to compliment the maker.