Whether you want a long-range drone to record from hard-to-reach places, get the dimensions of an area or to just zip around the skies, there are a host of accessories that can improve the experience and prevent technical issues like faulty communication from flying long distances away with your long range drone transmitter. For this reason, FrSky offers a host of accessories to make sure your flight days are smooth sailing.

One of the main properties of long-range transmitter modules is a low-frequency signal. Compared to the average module’s 2.4 GHz signal, low-frequency signals are better at propagating through the atmosphere, thus being capable of communication between your controller and drone at longer distances. The FrSky R9 and R9M is the first system from the company to work in the 900 MHz range, capable of reaching up to 10 km.

Greater range, greater liberty

This enormous reach offers greater freedom while flying -- the park boundaries are no longer the limit. With the R9M 2019 module and the R9 STAB OTA receptor, the precision in the transmission is unmatched in the industry. While the module excels at long range, it’s also very reliable in drone racing, as the low latency allows for incredibly precise maneuvers. It’s also a great choice for freestyle or FPV pilots who want to fly further safely.


With a lower frequency, the consequently larger wavelengths can penetrate through obstructions like walls and are able to travel longer distances than high-frequency waves. Keep in mind, though, that there is a limit: the waves have difficulty passing through buildings or mountains, so the best course of action is to gain altitude and maintain a line of sight with the aircraft, free from obstructions.

The R9M module boasts four selectable RF power ports so you can choose the appropriate power output for different flight circumstances. Additionally, it comes with the Super 8, a small, easy to store antenna which guarantees the best transmission possible, providing nearly imperceptible drops in RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator), a way of measuring the strength of the signal exchanged between transmitter and receiver.


Features and protocols

With the R9M you have access to the CPPM and PXX protocols. With CPPM, up to 8 channels can be connected through a single wire, rather than several different ones, preventing jumbled-up cables. This way, only ground, energy, and signal wires are necessary. PXX, on the other hand, supports up to 16 channels and offers lower latency and features like ModelMatch, which provide support for telemetry and other tools linked to the transmitter.

When it comes to long-range, GPS telemetry is a must. With this equipment, it’s possible to track the drone’s coordinates in real-time and mark the takeoff position. Telemetry also allows the pilot to check different statistics and information about the flight like battery level, an important factor in deciding when to bring the drone back. The R9M offers a Smart Port, a high-speed transmission port to help with exactly that.

The R9 STAB OTA is a long-range receptor with stabilization features, boasting built-in 3-axis gyroscope, and accelerometer. At the press of a button, it can compensate for wind gusts and fly level even in tough conditions, or perform maneuvers like knife-edge and hover mode. It can also be used as a redundancy system and connected to another receptor for additional security.


The R9 STAB OTA receptor implements the ACCESS protocol, offering users improved performance and new features. This innovative FrSky protocol allows for much safer and simpler binding, advanced telemetry data gathering, intuitive model configuration, and many other advantages that come with the latest transmitters, receivers, and accessories in the Taranis Line.

With this communication protocol, the pilot can update its firmware over-the-air, making it even easier to keep their equipment up to date. It’s also possible to turn on the receptor directly via the transmitter module, bypassing the need to keep the receptor within reach or to use the F/S button.

One thing is certain: if you want to get into the world of long-range drones, FrSky is your best bet. With the best, most advanced accessories for long range drone transmitters, offering efficiency, safety, and ease to use, you’ll hardly go wrong with these receptors and modules. The combo with the R9M 2019 module, the R9 STAB OTA receptor, and the Super 8 antenna can be acquired at horusrc.com for just $78.99.