Ever since the government of India made drones legal in the country, the country has seen a rise in consumer interest that lies parallel with the sale of these popular devices. With several brands taking over the market, the Xiaomi brand is quickly topping the list of favorites in India. With 10 years of always believing in something wonderful about to happen, this brand has powered through and elevated to the top with some of the most efficient and budgeted products in the market.

It has made it easier for quality to be accessible to everyone through its software, hardware and its internet services. With the massive success surrounding their wide collection of Mi and Redmi smart phones, Mi TV’s, set-top boxes, Mi Routers, Mi Ecosystem products including smart watches, Xiaomi is spectacularly growing as a brand.  It’s presence in 30 countries is an indicator of how it is close to becoming a powerful global brand. Xiaomi is now successfully expanding its business with its innovative drone technology! Ever since Xiaomi unveiled its first drone in 2016- a quad copter called the Mi Drone, we’ve been hooked! Like with most of its other devices, it worked with China based company, Flymi, to develop this drone. Its camera came in two versions- one that shot a 1080p video, and a higher version that shot in 4K.

Compare that to some of its latest models- Xiaomi FIMI A3, and  the latest, Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K- we have a lot of exciting updates to talk about!

1. The Xiaomi FIMI A3

For anyone looking to get into the field of aerial photography, Xiaomi’s FIMI A3 is an excellent drone choice. It comes with a 1/3.2″ sensor and an aperture of f/2.0. This drone is equipped with an eight-megapixel camera that is supported by a two-axis gimbal that’s completely mechanical. The field of the view is 80-degrees and has a max bit rate of 60Mbps. The Xiaomi FIMI A3 utilizes GPS technology to help stabilize the drone. It has intelligent flight mode capabilities, and a return-to-home orbit. As an extra bonus, the FIMI has a DIY port which means you can add lights as one of the many things that add value to your production. One of the most attention-grabbing features of the Xiaomi FIMI A3 is an LCD screen that comes built-in with the small folding remote. You can pretty much wave goodbye to the hassles of setting up an app. Also, with this feature, you don’t have to fret about draining your phone battery or a call or text message disturbing you during a flight.

2. Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

If you’re looking to invest in a drone that can test positive in terms of innovative features and excellent visuals, then this is the one for you! The new Fimi X8 SE is the second new and most interesting drone we have from Xiaomi. This drone features a 4K camera on a full three-axis gimbal. With a variety of intelligent GPS flight modes, this drone is designed to deliver a 5000-meter range and a very impressive 27-minute flight time. The 12 MP camera uses a Sony IMX378 1/2.3″ sensor and shoots a 4K video at 30 fps with a 100 Mbps. Xiaomi Mi drone’s intelligent flight modes include some exciting new options such as hyper lapse, panoramas, image tracking, and waypoints. The Cineshots on this drone add an aesthetic value to your visuals. This is mostly made possible via options such as circle, rocket, dronie and spiral. It is also capable of 3x digital zoom. This budget 4K drone is gaining popularity because its features very closely resemble the famous DJI Phantom 4. The hovering capability makes it extremely easy for you to track the drone. This accuracy is achieved by the dual GPS that comes with Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K.

The drone is all white in terms of color scheme and weighs around 1.4kg. The foldable feature of the landing legs makes this drone extremely compact and portable. The propellers(to install) on the drone make better flight stability and extreme speed. It has some cool and flashy LED lights underneath each rotor which looks spectacular when you fly this drone at night. Another exciting feature of this drone is that its flight ability allows you to circle it around any specific object by sending commands from a smartphone. Cool, right?

So for anyone looking for a cheaper variant of the DJI drone series, the Mi Drone 4K from Xiomi is your best option. Its excellent features make it a must for professional photography, and it's easy to use features proves the growing perfection in the way the brand works.