Did you know the history of micro rc glider sailplane? Did you know the first gilder was developed in 1891? This was done by Sir George Cayley way before the Wright Brothers came into the picture. Though it was not successful, later in the 1900s, the Wright Brothers built a glider using movable surfaces. And in 1903, they added an engine to the Sailplane, which marked the beginning of airplanes.  

Today glides have become popular among pilots. Some fly the plane for recreational activities such as sports or just fun. The plane has been improved, and one can control it using a remote. We shall take a closer look at the RC Gliders or Sailplane to understand why it’s popular.

What is RC Glider Sailplane?

It refers to a radio-controlled aircraft that doesn’t have any form of propulsion. This means the plane uses natural currents of the rising air in the atmosphere to fly higher. The plan can sustain a continuous flight through natural currents as you control it remotely using a transmitter. 

RC sailplane can be constructed from various materials such as plastic, polymer foams, composite, and wood. The material used to make the drone is responsible for the weight. If it is too heavy, then the soaring might take longer. This is the reason why manufacturers are opting to make the airplane from EPO foam. It has the right weight to guarantee thermal lift and longer flight hours.

On the other hand, at the stores, one would find Ready To Fly (RTF), Almost Ready to Fly (ART), or Bind and Fly (BNF) gliders. Therefore, one can pick what they desire and explore the horizon.

What is Micro RC Glider?

The drones come in various shapes and sizes, and they are the best devices to introduce a newbie to the hobby. Some come with 2 or 3 channels, while the advanced RC glider comes with multiple channels. 

What differentiates the models is that the 2 and 3 channel gliders are meant for a newbie. On the other hand, those that have multiple channels are for experts experienced in gliding. Plus, the plane comes with more controls.

However, we are going to focus on the micro RC gliders. These are the aircraft that have 2 and 3 channels. They are small and can fit anywhere and flow anytime. Though the Sailplane is simple and has limited controls, they are remarkable and fun to fly. The drone can roll more easily compared to the advanced RC planes.         

How the RTF Micro RC gliders works

How does the drone work without having a propeller? And how does the current natural help to provide one with longer flight hours? Some of the questions baffle many who have used the plane or thinking of buying it.

A micro glider operates under two principles, and that is Thermal and Slope soaring. Thermal soaring is created by warm air in the atmosphere. When the sun heats the land, the air within warms up and becomes less dense than cold air. 

This forces the hot air to rise into the atmosphere as the cold air replaces it below. Therefore, as the air continues to heat up, there will be a continuous current of rising air. This, in turn, sustains a flight for your aircraft.   

When it comes to slope soaring, it refers to a lift generated when a breeze hits a cliff or a slopping land. When the breeze hits the cliff, there is no way for it to go but upwards. As long as the breeze is generated continuously, your drone will gild for longer hours, which is fun. Though there are electric RC gliders sailplanes, you can opt for instead of the mechanical micro drones. But, you’ll need to have extra batteries with you.   

How to choose a Micro RC glider

Choosing a micro glider needs to be done with care. Heading to a shop to purchase Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) blindly can be costly and discouraging. Here are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing your plane. 


Whether you’re thinking of taking up gliding as a new hobby or an expert, you need to consider your finances. There are various brands in the market, and their cost differs. Hence, research on the most viable seller who meets your needs. Don’t be talked into purchasing a glider that was not your choice. Go for quality brands that offer you value for money; remember cheap is expensive.     

2.Material and durability

When it comes to the material used to make a drone, you can’t dismiss any of them. Each of the material has some attributes that make it ideal for a plane. Yes, it’s hard to find a 100% crash-resistant model, but you need a durable plane.

 This is why we recommend RC planes made from glass or carbon fiber and foam materials. These are the materials that promise durability and value for your money. Though, each brand will come with different and amazing attributes about their drone.

Some will promise their brands to have durable materials which are crashworthy. The ideal way to find out if the model has a durable material is by feeling it. The texture will tell you if the model has a durable material or not.  

3.Launching options

A glider can be launched automatically or manually. Automatically refers to the use of a motor to get the plane airborne. When it comes to launching the drone manually, it means one has to use force to lunch it. 

To hand launch a glider, you will need to hold the aircraft between the index finger and thumb. Then, you can spin around and let the plane go with the wind. Hence, before purchasing a Micro RTF RC drone, consider the launching method.    

4.Spares availability

At one point, your plane will crash, and you will need spare parts to replace the damaged ones. Now, what happens if the UAV you purchased lacks spares? How will you repair the plane and get back in the cockpit?  

This is why we suggest you consider the availability of spare parts before purchasing a model. If the spares need to be imported, the order must be made earlier for the parts to be delivered on time. We wouldn’t want you to fall get a drone that has hard-to-source spare parts.  


Sailplanes are amazing planes for beginners who want to venture into this sport. They are easy to operate compared to other drones. After using the simpler drone with 2 or 3 channels, you can advance to the multiple channels device. It offers a maximum piloting experience that is ideal for you.