Perhaps you feel your hope of one day owning a helicopter with an amazing micro RC helicopter led lights is a pipe dream, this should be! RC helicopters may not have the size, weight, and speed of a real helicopter, but they are capable of giving enough reason to be excited.

Are you looking for the ideal hobby? RC helicopters are a perfect choice! To make your RC copter dreams come to light, you will need to buy lights. LED lights are not a luxury but a necessity in this regard. They are an investment that would yield long-term benefits which you will see in this piece.

What makes a micro RC helicopter led lights special?

RC helicopters aren't just toys that come with a user manual. These helicopters are quite expensive and represent a build of technicality and cost and navigating one usually requires a great deal of expertise.

These LED lights help to improve the appearance and add realism to your helicopter. Also, they help in making your helicopter fly in conditions with low light. They are usually suitable for mid-sized copters.

Why you need LED lights

For pilots who are flying for the first time or haven't gotten a good grip on the requirements for flying, LED lights offer an opportunity to escape a lot of dangers. Here are some unique benefits of LED lights on your copter:

  • Helps with visibility

LED lights are unique because they can help you navigate even in unclear skies or dark conditions. They can do this because you will be able to see your aircraft from afar. LED lights are often bright which means you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of your copter.

  • Aesthetic benefit

Aside from making your copter visible, LED lights also make your copter looks cute in the sky. These lights come in different colors which means you can go for a color that you feel represents the ideals you stand for.

  • Low energy needs

As bright as LED lights are, they do not require excessive power. They are energy efficient while retaining the quality of light you desire. They are also eco-friendly which means you do not need to worry about damaging planet earth.

  • They are sturdier

LED lights are sturdier because they use epoxy lenses instead of glasses. They are more resistant to braking that is perfect for your RC copters in case they crash.

Steps to flying an RC Helicopter Using LED lights

Unlike other RC vehicles, RC helicopters take a longer time to get used to. They pose serious risks which makes it imperative to know how to use them. LED lights play an important role because they help with visibility which is a core challenge for most newbie pilots.

  • Upon launching your RC helicopter, ensure you place it in an open space on a flat surface where there isn’t much wind interference. When this is done, give the throttle a little push and leave it to hover some inches above the ground. Make sure you do not fly too high on your first trial. As the helicopter begins to go higher, make sure you make necessary adjustments.
  • Next, turn the joystick to the right or left for the helicopter to move in different directions. Ensure that it is kept low to the ground here so that if anything wrong happens, it won’t lead to damage
  • To land the copter, make sure you locate a flat ground and push down the throttle slowly till it touches the ground.
  • Even when you are panicking, make sure you use subtle and small movements as you may make mistakes if you make harsh or quick movements. Also, if your helicopter loses control while you are landing, make sure you release your hands from the throttle to stop the blade from spinning.


Owning an RC copter is a dream for many tech enthusiasts. There used to be a time when such technology was the exclusive preserve of a select few, but innovations have seen it get to more people. Understanding how this machine works and its components can help make your experience worthwhile. Also, Using LED lights makes the overall flying experience pleasant and exceptional. You don’t have to worry about your copter getting lost in the dark or hazy conditions as these LED lights are visible from afar off.