In many countries, it is necessary to have a license to fly an object over 250g, so there is a big demand for drones under that weight, especially for a mini 250 fpv quadcopter. This article is going to address a specific quadcopter model under 250g: the BETAFPV 85X 4K Whoop Quadcopter 4S built-in FrSky receiver.

As there are so many options of drones in the market today, it can be very difficult to find one with the specifications that you want, but if you are in the marketing for a mini, under 250g, fpv quadcopter, then the BETAFPV 85X 4K, mind be what you are looking for.

Besides the obvious benefits a mini and light fpv drone can offer, the BETAFPV 85X is also a cine whoop, being equipped with a powerful 4K camera, able to capture cinema-like pictures and videos, and all that is available for only $219.99 at -  HorusRC online shop!


Stunning videography

One of the best things an fpv drone can offer is the ability to film and take pictures in angles that would otherwise be impossible, and, of course, post these nice short adventures on social media. With the BETAFPV 85X 4K, you can show the magic world of fpv drones even better, as it is equipped with a high quality 4K camera.

This tiny quadcopter comes with the CADDX Tarsier 4K camera which has two lenses: a 4K F2.8 lens that records at 30 frames per second and a 1200TVL FPV lens that records at 60 frames per second, both satisfying different needs.

While the 4K camera presents the best quality of image, showing beautiful and high-quality cinema-like videos when the small quadcopter flies in stable conditions, the fpv camera ensures image visualization and stability for the drone user when drawing its full 4s power for a more rowdy and acrobatic flight.

To ensure quality in both lenses of the tiny fpv drone, it also has an anti-shake performance for stable aerial photography and comes with an ND filter (ND8), that makes the footage smoother and removes some jello/oscillations effects.


Tough and flexible frame

This 4K version of the BETAFPV 85X has had an upgrade compared to its last HD version, as it was necessary to add a little bit more power to the mini fpv quadcopter so it could sustain the weight of a bigger camera. So this last version has some modifications in order to make it more compatible with a 4s battery.

With that purpose in mind, a durable and light enough frame was customized for the light fpv quad in question. The motors were mounted in a whole carbon fiber bottom plate with arms as an extra stiffener brace of carbon fiber was added, not being necessary any soldering or tinkering.

The new design and the stiffener brace not only increase the rigidity of the structure and help to avoid the instability caused by too strong power when the tiny fpv drone is flying, ensuring good footage. It also reduces the risk of the electrical part of the drone breaking in a crash, as the ESC and FC are not connected with rigid heads pins but with the new flexible ribbon cage instead, making a smoother fly experience.

Very light

Being a mini 250 fpv quadcopter, of course, means the BETAFPV 85X is very light, but it takes things even further. Even with the extra weight of the camera, as the motors are mounted on top of the carbon fiber (a very rigid but light material) bottom plate, the quad weighs 89g without batteries and manages to stay around 140g in total with the batteries, thus being very lightweight. 

High cost-benefit

Considering this BETAFPV 85X features some top of the shelf components like a carbon fiber brace, a CADDX Tarsier 4K camera, an ND filter, and a FrSky receiver, besides its previously mentioned positive characteristics and the fact it is one of the cheapest 4K drones available in the market makes it pretty clear this little fpv quad has an excellent cost-benefit.

With all that said, it is obvious that the BETAFPV 85X is definitely one of the best mini 250 fpv quadcopters out there and it can be bought at for just $219.99!