Mini drone fnac is a perfect choice for amateurs who enjoy capturing beautiful aerial views. In spite of being much smaller than a professional drone, mini drones are equipped with cutting-edge devices that make the flight smooth and allow taking high-quality photographs even if being piloted by beginners.


Who can use a mini drone

Generally, mini RC aircrafts are preferred by amateurs, as they weigh less than traditional drones, are easier to control and are not as pricey. But the upgrades that are carried out each year make more and more professional photographers and film-makers to choose mini drones, because they have a high-resolution camera, an extended flight time and stabilizers that help the camera stay horizontal when the drone trembles or tilts to change the direction.

In this way, these tiny devices work wonders in the sky, capturing marvelous views that even bulky drones can't beat. Mini drones are so easy to use and lightweight that even children can pilot them, bossing the simple controls like professionals.


Where to buy a mini drone

Those that want to give a try to a miniature drone can go to a large electronic shop in their area, or make the purchase online. One of the most reputed stores for selling electronic devices is Fnac. It was founded in 1954 in France and operates 184 stores in more than 10 countries across the world. Aside from physical locations, Fnac has also an online store where it sells a large variety of electronics, including: smartphones, game consoles, DVDs, drones, kitchen appliances and more.

You would want to know French to visit Fnac E-shop, as it is only available in its French version. If you are an English speaker, you can try alternative online stores to provide you with a full English navigation experience. If you are a drone geek and speak only English, the website is perfect choice for you, as it focuses exclusively on drones and RC systems.



1. Lightweight and easy controls

One of the biggest advantages of miniature drones is that they are lightweight, which offers them many benefits while flying. The weight of such an aircraft does not exceed 300g. For example, Dji Mavic Pro mini drone weighs 250g, and its main takeoff weight includes the camera and the battery, which is big and powerful, allowing for a flight time of up to 30 minutes.

Since miniature drones are lightweight, controlling them is much easier than traditional drones. They pick up speed faster, they slow down faster and they are more maneuverable and agile, needing less time to turn or avoid obstacles. While not involving sophisticated flying modes, tracking and obstacle detection systems, mini drones are extremely easy to pilot, having basic controls that do not require much training to be mastered, including: right, left, forwards, backwards, up and down.


2. High-resolution camera

The camera of a miniature video-recording aircraft is high-quality, offering in-detail bird's eye views of objects found on the ground, like people, cars, animals, trees and so on. For example, DJI Mavic Mini's 12MP camera offers enjoyable 2.7K aerial photos and videos that boast perfect resolution and wide color spectrum enriching your footage with vibrant and eye-pleasing colors.


3. Long-lasting flight

Buying a small-size drone brings you also the advantage of a long flight. You will be able to enjoy splendid views up to 30 minutes, without the need to land the device over and over again to recharge it. Being able to soar in the sky for so long makes a mini drone a perfect option for photographers who are recording wedding or travel videos or for professional film-makers and cinematic enthusiasts who intend to shoot short movies about famous and historical sights.


4. On-board SD card

Any mini drone fnac has a slot for a memory card and allows you store the photos in case your phone runs low of storage space or when the available space is insufficient for storing all photos and videos you've recorded. Knowing that the flight now lasts up to 30 minutes, you may be tempted to take a lot of shots during this long trip, which can be too much for your SD card. This is why, you can use the drone on-board card and transfer the pics on another device later.


5. Camera stabilizer

Many mini drones are equipped with a gimbal that stabilizes the camera in case of vehicle trembling caused by motor activity, sudden switch of direction or strong wind which can easily destabilize the drone due to its light weight. The gimbal allows to keep the camera horizontally all the time and get a smooth recording.


Is mini drone really worth a try

Aside from official reviews, miniature aircrafts have a myriad of customer reviews where people tell about their experience of using this device. Most of the customers are satisfied with their mini drone, praising its light weight, easy steering and brilliant effect of the camera stabilizer on the quality of photos and videos. Some mention that it is hard to control the device in windy conditions, as the wind can destabilize it without much effort and even lead to its crash.

If not taking into consideration that it weighs like a feather and falls prey to strong winds easily, a mini drone is an excellent investment that allows you take impressive aerial shots without spending much money.