There are two types of mini Orion drone motors and they are the brushless and brushed motors. These motors are different depending on the function they perform. The brushless motor is more powerful than the brushed version and is more durable. If you are using a bigger drone, brushless is the ideal choice for you. If you are using the nano and micro drones.

The internal function of the brushless and brushed motor is alike as they both function on the principle of electromagnetism. In a situation where the motor windings get energized, there a temporary magnetic field created which works against the permanent magnet within the motor. What this magnetic force does is to create a force of repulsion within the coil which then rotates the drone shaft.

Difference between brushed and brushless mini Orion drone motor

Brushless drones are generally about 90% efficient, a brushed motor is about 80 percent efficient. The brushed motor comes with windings while the brushless has a stator. The good thing about brushless motors is that they last longer because they do not have brushes that wear out. Brushed motors are less expensive than brushless motors because of this reason.

Things you should look out for in drone motors

Knowing what to look for when choosing a drone motor will help you make better choices. Here are some features to look out for:

  • Motor shaft

Recent motors come fitted with hollow shafts which is a departure from the solid shafts to lower the motor weight. This comes with its merits and demerits. Hollow shafts lower the weight of the drone, but they usually do not fare well in crashes.

You will find it difficult to replace the shafts without the need to replace the entire rotor. If you are not looking to spend much in building your drone, hollow shafts are ideal, but if you have a good budget, you shouldn't use them.

  • Motor wires

The wire gauge is another factor that affects motor performance. Motors often use an 18Awg or 20 AWG.

  • Retainer clips

Retainer clips are another feature to consider before getting your mini Orion drone motor. There are three main types of retainer clips which are the C clip, E Clip, and screw retainers.

Each of the mentioned retainer clips has its unique peculiarities. For instance, E clips are hard to remove without damaging the clip. Screw retainers are easy to remove and this makes them easy to remove and thus give easy access to the rotor and stator.

Screw retainers are susceptible to loosening and unscrewing with time because of the regular vibration of the motor. They also have the potential of overtightening the shaft and as such makes it more difficult for the motor to turn. This is dependent on the potential use of the motor.

  • Air gap

The air gap between the rotor and stator is another feature to consider. When the rotor is closer to the stator, it leads to a more efficient conversion of current. When there are smaller air gaps there would be higher thrusts because the stator gets to slice through the magnetic field with ease.

  • Closed or naked bottom motors

Naked trends are an evolving trend with drones. Naked bottoms help to reduce weight. But, if you are into drone racing, 2g may make all the difference.

Final word

The success of any drone flight begins with the components used in building it. Hence, components such as the mini Orion drone motor play a big role in determining how far and well you go. There are dozens of options out there to select from, but make sure you study the tips given in this article before making a choice.