Unbricking Taranis Radios with OpenTX Operating Systems

A ‘bricked’ radio is one that is seemingly dead. In most cases, a radio in a bricked state will not respond to the user at when trying to power on the radio. One indicator of a bricked radio is that the speaker will make a distinct ‘pop’ or ‘click’ when attempting to power on but does not boot up. Essentially, there is a software problem that is preventing the radio from starting up the operating system, OpenTX. And although OpenTX is a great system, it is still software and is susceptible to bugs, glitches, or corruption.

HorusRC North America Service Center

Now you can get back in the air quicker! HorusRC is proud to announce the addition of the North America  Service Center. We can now officially service your FrSky radios directly from our sunny Southern California Office. Whether it’s a warranty claim or time to send in that well-used Taranis for service, our helpful staff will make sure you get back in the air quicker. 

Winner of FrSky Who Is The 5th Event

Dear Participants,

The “Who Is The 5th” campaign by FrSky has ended on January 8, 2017. We would like to thank everyone for your entries. 

We are glad to announce the lucky guy who received the highest votes in one month is -- Antoine Froment (@ntoine), an RC sail boat skipper. Antoine has been a skipper for 15 years, and has developed his competitive skill in the RG65 Racing Class since 2010. The RG-65 is an International development racing class with a 30 year history. In the past 6 years he has received many respectable rankings in the French RG65 National Competitions. 3rd place in 2010, 1st place in 2011, 5th place in 2012, 7th place in 2013, 2nd place in 2014, 2nd place in 2015, and another 1st place in 2016. And for 2017 he has won a FREE Horus X12S!