North Korea is not exactly the most open country in the world, but if you ever get an opportunity to capture North Korea drone footage you need to do it well. Drones are not as expensive as they used to be and this has allowed aerial videography experts and filmmakers to increase their creativity. Before you even consider flying a drone to capture the best shots make sure you have trained and gotten licensed to fly.

Capturing the best drone footages requires high-level expertise that only comes from long term practice and application of proven strategies. The rigid nature of the policies in North Korea means you may never get the opportunity to learn on the job.

Getting the best North Korea drone footage

You won't get too many opportunities to capture images using drones in North Korea, this is why you need to get prepared. Knowing the strategies outlined in this piece will put you on track to create some powerful images while in North Korea. Here are some techniques that should set you on the right track.

  • Tracking shot

This strategy gets used when you are moving in a parallel direction with the subject they get choreographed in synchrony. This technique gets done to match the speed while focusing on the subject. These shots are features in motion pictures most of the time and also car commercials. The secret is to practice and coordinate as many times as you can. Also, make sure you use the right equipment and observe the laid down protocols.

  • Pedestal shot

A pedestal shot is a type of shot that occurs when the drone is moving without the need to move the gimbal or camera and relies on flying. The movement of camera technique can also be drone using a jib arm or crane but drones offer a better range. Pedestal shots get used to showing monuments, statues, and sights above the clouds. To do this, all you need to do is adjust your attitude control and navigating up and down.

  • Flyover

These shots get used in music videos, commercials, and even TV shows. To do this type of shot, you need to identify a landscape or a type of object.  Then, focus the movement of the camera on a subject while the drone keeps going the distance until it goes past the object from over it. Fly-over shots get used for different reasons but it is for shots that put the focus on a geographical angle while showing the scale of it.

  • Aerial pan

You can capture an aerial pan when you are on your North Korea drone footage adventure by using the camera while it gets mounted on top of a tripod. With drones, the gimbal acts in the place of a tripod aside moving the drone from where you are. Certainly, it is harder than a simple plan, but the quality of the visual effect you will get will be better. You can further sophisticate the shots by including panning left or right while you move the drone backward or forward. Others may opt for the hover mode besides panning to sustain the shot's stability. Your choice of strategy is subject to what you aim to achieve.

  • The reveal shot

A reveal shot helps in revealing a point of interest or what the audience ought to focus on. The easiest way to do this is to launch your drone in a place where the subject is out of view then adjust it until it puts your subject in view. Some movies have used this technique for creating some good scenes. The reveal shots give you a different angle to the images.


You may never get too many opportunities to capture North Korea drone footage so, you have to be strategic in preparing for the opportunity when it comes. The government policies in this country are not liberal hence the need to exercise great caution if you ever get the chance. The strategies contained in this article are well thought out and apply to the peculiarity of your situation. Remember to register your drone and notify the relevant authorities. Make sure you are responsible, safe, and cautious while flying.