With all the online FPV simulators, which one is the best one for your commitment level, skill, equipment, and your end goal? While using an offline or online FPV simulator may help improve your skills overall by allowing you to form a muscle-memory. This is really a way to learn the basics if you never flew before and/or maintain your piloting skills when you can’t get out to fly. It is definitely the best way to decide if the hobby is for you by learning the skills needed to not crash the first pack you fly in real life. Online FPV simulators can be a real training device by allowing pilots to practice a track or even create their own. This allows the pilot to have a “muscle memory” of the track before they fly it for the first time.


There are many online FPV simulators out there to choose from these days. Assuming you are here for FPV racing and freestyle, we will fore-go the aerial photography simulators. Below is a list of simulators that work offline as well as online, they are called online FPV simulators because they are purchased online and downloaded.


  1. Liftoff

This is probably the best known and longest-running online FPV simulator out there. It also probably has the most quantity of drones and environments to experience. It features adjustable PIDs and also has many online multiplayer features along with an in-depth track editor to create a real training tool by recreating an upcoming track. This is my number one pick for the best online FPV simulator.


  1. VelociDrone

This simulator has graphics sub-par than whats on Liftoff but makes up for it with performance and physics. This online FPV simulator has some of the best physics and most “tweakable” settings to get it to feel as close to your real drone. Track editing is also available on this 2nd choice of online FPV simulators available. 


  1. DCL

This online FPV simulator makes it on the list because it is the latest and first to make it to gaming consoles like Playstation and Xbox. This sim has excellent graphics and playability for the beginner and expert. PIDs and other physics are adjustable as well. There are a variety of tracks for all skill levels and more to be added later.


  1. FPV Air 2


This online FPV simulator takes 3rd overall and the top spot for the best cheapest online FPV simulator at only $5 USD. This simulator has decent graphics, good physics, and a large amount of settings control. It also has an ‘ultra-low’ graphics mode allowing it to run on almost any PC or laptop. This is the best value online FPV simulator in my opinion.


  1. DRL


This is probably the most exciting online FPV simulator because the top pilot in the DRL online FPV simulator tryouts wins a paid contract to fly FPV professionally on their ESPN 2 DRL racing series. It has the exact tracks from the television show and allows pilots to try out the DRL spec multirotor.


Hardware Requirements


The majority of online FPV simulators are able to run on any reasonably basic computer with the settings set to minimum graphics and physics. Ideally, a computer with a more recent CPU and GPU is preferred. For a gamer, an Intel i5 9600K CPU and an Nvidia GTX1060 GPU are quite sufficient to run all the mentioned online FPV simulators. If running at higher frame rates with better graphics is what you crave then hardware like the Nvidia RTX2080 or an Intel i9 will most likely be what you need. The higher the frame rate the more smooth it will feel to the pilot, while a real VTX and goggle frame rate is at 30 frames per second so for realistic online FPV simulating it may be best to limit it to 30fps to get used to it.




A controller is obviously required to use an online FPV simulator unless you want to fly with a keyboard which is not recommended. The best and only suggestion is to use the same controller that you plan to use when flying the real drone. Most R/C radio transmitters can connect to a computer through a trainer port, USB dongle, or receivers like the FrSky XSR-Sim wireless USB dongle which allows for a wireless experience. Keep a radio transmitter handy so you can simulate whenever you get a chance.