When the FrSky Taranis hit the market it was quickly adapted by the money conscious RC modeler and the newly emerging FPV multirotor community. It's reliable ACCST technology, loaded with features, full telemetry and reasonable prices makes this a great choice for someone new to the hobby as well. Being a popular radio means others will have the same stock Taranis. So to differentiate your radio from the next you can customize it.

Stick Ends

The easiest and cheapest upgrade you can make on your Taranis X9D are stick ends. Whether you are a thumb flier or a pincher there is a stick end out there made just for you. Grip becomes very important as a slip of the finger can cause a crash. You can also add a splash of color to your radio with many anodized color option out there.


Hall Sensor Gimbals

As with all things the Taranis is not perfect and can benefit from customization and modification. One of the biggest complaints are the stock gimbals, they don't feel as good as they can be and they can wear down with use. In the past the only real upgrade available was the Aurora 9 gimbals. They are not easy to find and can cost a considerable amount. But luckily FrSky has just released the M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal Upgrade! This is a plug and play upgrade that only takes a few minutes to install.  What are Hall sensors? Basically they are magnetic sensors that don't actually make contact with each other like the stock gimbal pots. Thus achieving a long life and precision function.


5dbi Antenna

If you're into FPV fixed wings then you have probably thought about flying long distances. With the 5dbi antenna mod and some basic soldering skills you can almost double the range of your 2.4GHz Taranis. The Taranis X9D plus comes equipped by FrSky with a non-removable 2dbi antenna. With this antenna mod it replaces your built in antenna with a RPSMA(F) bulkhead connector so that you can use a different array of 2.4GHz antennas without breaking it off during transport.


Lipo/Life Battery

If you ever attended day-long RC event and you have used your Taranis a lot that day then you have noticed the stock battery may need charging. The battery that comes with the Taranis is Ni-MH. The X9D plus has a balance plug for 2s or 3s lipos/life batteries so plugging a different battery in is as easy as finding one that fits the bay.



The audio voice, sounds and track player is a key feature on the Taranis. But the stock speaker isn't as clear and loud as it could be. most of these mods require some gluing and soldering. There are some places that sell direct replacement upgraded speakers. It is a worthwhile modification so you can hear those alerts and blast your sounds. 

Custom Color Shell

The most dramatic modification one can do is to paint the shell. This requires the removal of multiple screws and disconnecting wires. If you attempt this may I suggest taking thorough photos before you start to disassemble the Taranis. Please remove the battery before you disconnect any wires, this is an easy way to avoid damaging any electronic components.

Many people simply paint their transmitters with rattle-can spray paint. It's cheap an effective, I suggest using a light coat of primer to help the paint adhere better. A clear coat can be sprayed on top as well to help protect the finish.


Another way to put some color or graphics on your Taranis is a process called hydro dipping. This is the Cleanest look in my opinion because it can turn out very glossy and consistent.


The quickest but yet still effective method is a vinyl wrap. These can be applied without removing all the components. Prices can run high but if you're in a hurry and only want to cosmetically alter your Taranis than this is for you.


Tinted Screen

There are some other more cosmetic modifications that can be done to make your Taranis stand out in the crowd like tinting your LCD screen. This can be done with a small strip of auto tint, 5% or less will still look dark when off but will be enough to let the LCD shine through when on. This gives the Radio a really clean look.


Neck Strap Balance Bar

Neck strap balance bars also be customized and help you access the power switch with ease.


Switch Nuts

Switch nuts can also be replaced with anodized versions as well. This is purely to look good.


So if you want to be able to pick out your Taranis from a line-up of 10 silver X9Ds at the next meet up then do at least one of these mods.