Have you thought of getting a pilot view FPV 2400 for your drone? If not, then you are missing out on a lot. The device simulates and gives you an ideal experience of the cockpit. What the plane sees, you will have a First Person View while on the ground.

Though you’ll have thrown aside your pride and ego since the FRV 2400 makes one look freaky, but it is worth it. At www.horusrc.com we have tested device and proven it is worth every penny. You might not be convinced, but after reading this article you will change your mind.  Let’s us jump right in and see what the FPV 2400 is all about.

What is Pilot view FPV 2400 

The FPV 2400 is a device developed to be used on Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV). The system works by placing a wireless camera in your cockpit, which sends back live First-Person Videos to your goggles. 

Moreover, the system operates using an FPV camera, receiver, and transmitter to ensure you have real-time footage. This, in turn, gives you a novel experience during your flight. What the plane sees, you will see as well. Who wouldn’t want that?


  1. Transmitter 

The device needs a bold 72 Mhz radio to ensure there is an interrupted transmission. If one opts for the 2.4 GHz spectrum, there will be interference, making it hard to fly.

Additionally, when the plane gets to twenty or thirty feet, the 10mW signal becomes weak. Though the signal between the RC transmitter and the Video receiver shall remain strong on your end, it will be impossible to control the plane.  

  1. Audio Feed

The PilotView FPV comes with a radio feed, but it’s not as clear as one would have thought. While you are in the cockpit, the audio and visual make your flight amazing. However, that won’t be the case because all you’ll hear is wind or motor.

How to Install the FPV 2400

Once you’ve bought the device, installing it is an easy task. Thus don’t be intimidated by the various wires or adapters that come with the package. Moreover, there is a manual to ensure you have fixed everything correctly. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First thing first, the camera goes together with the transmitter. Plug the 2S in-flight battery into the camera. Then connect the camera to the transmitter. The next step will be adjusting the antenna vertically and remember to use the Velcro to stick it outside the drone. 
  2. The second step shall be connecting the receiver. There is a small flat connector emanating from the goggle control unit. This is where one plugs in the receiver. To ensure everything is held in place, a small Velcro piece is attached around your goggles to it in place.
  3. Lastly the goggle control unit cable is a 3.5 mm stereo plug, similar to a headphone plug.  This is what goes into the 4-inch adapter with 3 RCA jacks. Then into the jacks goes the last cables, a 4- foot, 3- plug RCA- to- RCA cable, which connects to the receiver. For example, red goes with red and follow this pattern. Once this is done, put the 3S battery into the receiver, and you are ready to take off.   


If you are wondering if the device functions, then you do not need to. We have tested and proven the pilot view FPV 2400 works perfectly. The HD quality displays the device produces is out of this world and as a flyer you will surly enjoy the graphics.

Furthermore, the view is clear under any weather condition, and you will enjoy the sky view. It will be like you are flying in the plane as a pilot, though, on the ground.

However, what we discovered with the FPV 2400 is that one needs to adjust the camera to vertical axis. This is what guarantees you have a better line of sight, hence remember to adjust the camera before taking a flight.

Another thing we have noticed during our test is that the landing can be challenging when wearing the goggle. This is why we suggest you have a co-pilot or spotter to help with the landing to avoid crashing the plane. 


  • The device marks a new way of enjoying your hobby.
  • The Pilot View can be used to give a virtual ride to others and make extra cash.


  • The images in the goggles can be difficult to see under a bright light. 

 Final Thoughts

The FPV 2400 marks a new way of flying your drone on the pilot seat. This is a fantastic feeling that makes your flight enjoyable and worthwhile. For this reason, we recommend getting a device from our stores and begin a new adventure.