Power Vision's Power Egg isn't merely a drone. Rather, it's a centerpiece. When it's not in a flight mode, the craft changes into a virtually flawless egg shape that lies in an incorporated stand for an outstanding display.

In a market dominated by drones that can't fly in adverse weather, Power Egg X offers an appealing choice for videographers and photographers who want to fly the drone in the rain and land the craft on the water. That's not all it does. Besides being a drone, it can function as a handheld camera and an AI camera that you can mount to a tripod and control using hand gestures.

Moreover, it comprises an integrated microphone, which functions in two camera modes. Here's an overview of this drone.

AI Camera Mode

Once you set up the drone as a stationary camera, it can use deep learning technologies and multi-angle facial identification to produce a professional-style composition automatically. With a field view of 1700, the gimbal can track a subject while keeping it in the middle of the action.

Furthermore, it can remember a subject that leaves and returns into the frame. Its tracking capacity allows the drone to function outdoors or indoors with fast or slow-moving subjects.

Handheld Mode

The drone comprises a wrist strap that allows you to use it like a handheld camcorder. The 3-axis gimbal offers mechanical stabilization to help ensure you produce shake-free final footage.

Drone Mode

Join the included propellers and arms to change the Power Egg into a drone with the ability to capture 4K60 aerial footage in harsh winds from 18-24mph. The integrated remote controller functions with smartphones up to 2.6-3.3" wide, allowing you to view a 1080p video stream in real-time from up to 3.7 miles away.

The drone equally features mechanical obstacle avoidance through the bottom and front sensors. It can sense obstacles from up to 65' away. This can protect bystanders as well as the drone, and permit the Power Egg to land with precision. On a full charge, the drone can fly up to 30 minutes.

Waterproof Housing

Despite the drone's unusual design, it's easy to fly and allows good handling in the air. A unique benefit is the drone's waterproof housing, which changes flight behavior, but not to the degree that it makes flying hard. These accessories however decrease flight time because of the extra weight and drag.

Also, the image quality isn't high with the waterproof housing since you'll shoot through the plastic. This can generate minimal distortion based on the camera's angle.

Nevertheless, the ability to shoot video and stills in the rain together with the capacity to land the Power Egg on the water with attached floats make the drone unique. This creates room for operational and creative possibilities for videographers, photographers, and commercial drone pilots.  

Voice recording ability

An interesting feature in the drone is the capacity to record your voice while the drone is flying. This can be done using your smartphone's mic or wireless headset. Most drones can only record silent videos because of the propeller's noise.

The drone comprises a Sync Voice feature, which allows the real-time narration of your voice without the noise from the drone. This feature works by synchronizing the captured footage with the audio automatically. You can use this feature when using the drone in  handheld or AI camera mode.

Editing Ability

The PowerVision app that functions with the drone seeks to offer fast and easy video editing capacities along with the capacity to share images and footage with others.

Gimbal Camera

The drone comprises a 14 MP, 3-axis gimbal camera that can capture JPEG or DNG still photos with time-lapse and burst settings available. Furthermore, it can record video and stills to a separately accessible microSD card.

Video and Photo Quality

The lens offers a full-frame that corresponds to 27 mm in focal length with a constant f/1.8 aperture. This produces a noticeable degree of vignetting, which is fast and easy to eliminate throughout image processing.

Video quality and stills can vary slightly between lighting conditions and subjects. For the latter, you'll obtain the best outcomes if you adopt the DNG format and process the files using software such as Adobe Lightroom.

Like most drones, you'll obtain the best image quality in brighter conditions where color is more vivid compared to cloudy and dull conditions. Processed JPEGs in drones exhibit noise reduction and heavy sharpening while the overall saturation and color balance aren't as good as when processing raw files.

Moreover, shooting via the waterproof housing influences clarity and image when shooting video and stills. Despite the minimal sensor size, raw shooting, and processing the image manually can yield good results. You can take video in frame-rates from 24-60 fps and you can capture footage as MP4 or MOV.


The intelligent 6400 mAh battery offers up to 23 minutes of flying time. The LiPo battery operates at a voltage of 14.8V at a net weight of 580g.

Bottom Line

If you're seeking a drone that can fly well under rough weather, you'll want to invest in the Power Egg X for waterproof and standard modes