Intro info about power up fpv amazon if you ever wondered how to make a paper plane fly more than 10 minutes at a height of 300ft, you can find the answer by taking a look at power up fpv amazon. This device offers breath-taking views by combining a paper plane, a motor and a camera into an authentic flying drone that records the area in a variety modes while you are piloting from the ground. The paper airplane allows you not only to be the pilot but also the assembler by putting the parts together and getting it ready for a spectacular takeoff.

While the plane glides through the sky, you have the chance to see what the camera records, getting amazing bird's eye views and taking shots that make your heart skip a beat. In order to be able to see what happens up there in the sky, you will have to put a pair of goggles on your eyes, which use wi-fi connection to stay in touch with the drone. If you want to know more about this remote control paper airplane, take a look at the list of features below.

What makes PowerUp RC paper drone so amazing

1. High-quality image

While being considered a toy, this flying device is equipped with a quality camera that offers a clear image and captures captivating views from 300 ft where the recorded objects are rendered in detail. The camera has also a wide-spectrum color profile, featuring a high sensitivity to colors, recognizing a multitude of nuances and hues. This helps you perceive the world in bright and vivid colors and forget about dull and unclear pictures.

2. Easy assembly

Before sending your airplane to the skies, you have to assembly it. This process is hassle-free but requires much precision. All you have to do is to fold the paper into an airplane and attach the module to it that holds the motor, propellers, and camera.

3. Sturdy and lightweight structure

Power up fpv amazon is reinforced with carbon fibers which make it more stable during flight and resistant to strong winds. At the same time, the paper allows it to stay lightweight enough to develop a decent speed and reach a height of 300 ft. The plane has also a sturdy bumper made of carbon and nylon that absorbs shock upon an impact with a tree or a bird, keeping the motor and camera in safety.

4. Takeoff assist

The device has a smart mechanism of taking off. The propellers start working only after you launch the plane. To activate the thrust, you have to set the device in motion, by taking it in your hand with the cockpit looking ahead, and throwing it forward with vigor.

5. Easy to use and comfy goggles

The video recorded by the drone's camera is transmitted through wi-fi to an app on your phone. All you have to do is to get in the app, establish connection with the airplane, and place the phone into the cardboard viewer. Then you have to put the goggles on your eyes and enjoy the scenic views.

6. Two ways of piloting

You can control the drone in two ways. First, you can use the goggles and tilt your head left or right to suggest the plane the direction. The device will follow exactly your head movements, so you have to perform them carefully and smoothly. If you don't want to put extra effort, you can pilot the drone using your phone app by tapping the control buttons with your fingers.

This option though offers a less immersive experience, as it allows you watch the recorded views on your phone screen, while the goggles detache you completely from the surrounding world, making you feel like flying on the plane's cockpit.

Where to find PowerUp paper plane?

The powerup drone paper plane has achieved big success since the product appeared on the market. You can purchase it from varieties of retailing platform, such as amazon. The Powerup company has collaboration with amazon, so they often offer special deals for Amazon customers.

Besides price, if you also want to achieve professional guidance, you can visit the drone-specialized website and place an order. The shop is constantly enriching and diversifying its collection with new cutting-edge drones and accessories that help enthusiasts conquer the sky and capture impressive views. So don't escape your chance to have your own paper airplane with a camera to explore the world.