What do you do when you are not able to return your Pro XL GPS drone to the base? What do you do when you lose connection with the drone? How would you be able to tell where the drone is? If you have ever experienced a drone flyaway, these are some of the questions you will come face to face with. Experienced hands should know what to expect if such a situation occurs and would be able to land their drone with ease.

What does a drone flyaway mean?

A drone flyaway simply refers to a situation where you are not able to return your drone to where it took off from originally. When this happens, you will have to land the drone in an unknown location or you may even lose contact with the drone unable to determine where it is.

Factors that could make your Pro XL GPS drone flyaway

Some of the major factors that could lead to a drone flyaway include the following:

  • Battery failure
  • Wind
  • Firmware Update
  • GPS error
  1. Wind

One of the biggest reasons behind drone flyaway is weather and the wind plays a big role in this. If your drone ever encounters the misfortune of being caught in a wind channel, you will have to be prompt in action if you want to recover it.

  1. Software update

If you ever encounter a faulty firmware update on your battery or drone, it could lead to a flyaway. Sometimes, the drone may indicate a low battery even if the battery is fully charged. In this situation, any effort made to land may see your drone land where you didn't plan it to.

  1. GPS error

When there is electromagnetic interference, it could result in an error in the GPS reading of your

Pro XL GPS drone. Hence, you have to be careful of the communication towers that are close when you are airborne. You may opt to calibrate the compass on your drone each time you are flying in a new spot.

What should you do during a drone flyaway?

  • Look for a landing area

If you notice that your drone is being swept away by the wind but you are still able to move downwards, search for somewhere you can land. Doing this will make it easier to locate your drone. This feature is only possible if you have some measure of control.

  • Auto-return home

If you find yourself in a flyaway situation, you will probably have to land in a place that is a bit different from where you took off from. Your drone may try to auto-return home even if it is not strong enough to do that. This may lead to a crash landing in a place where you didn’t intend it to.

  • Video signal loss

You have to be ready to lose the video signal even as the Pro XL GPS drone becomes closer to its landing spot. This may be as a result of buildings or trees coming in-between you and the drone. It may be necessary for you to just hover on the place you desire to land and wait while the auto-landing function gets to work.

  • Screenshots

When a flyaway occurs, ensure that you take screenshots of what you can see using your mobile device. Also, ensure that you switch to a full-screen GPS view and ensure you capture a screenshot of that. Doing this will ensure that it is easier when you are searching for the drone

Steps to recovering your lost drone

The moment you believe your drone has auto-landed, you need to act quickly. If your drone remains outside, it may be damaged by the elements.

  • Go to the spot

Using the screenshots, move to where it auto-landed. You need to do this as quickly as possible. Make sure your drone controller is one and do all you can to get close to where the drone is to get a good signal.

  • Recover the signal connection

If you can recover the signal connection of your drone, capture the image of what your drone can see and the location of the drone. These images are quite useful for the search. Use Google maps to cross-reference the GPS map image to get a clearer picture of the location.

Last Line

Recovering your lost Pro XL GPS drone can be quite frustrating if you do not know how to go about it. But following the tips outlined in this guide will help you make quality decisions in this regard.