Live to stream using a propel HD streaming video drone can be fun and rewarding. Using drone live stream feeds gives you two unique benefits, first, it allows you to fly and see the ground from the view of a bird, and it allows you see what is happening at the moment. There are new evolutions about the application of live streaming using drones and they include:

  • Drone racing
  • Research
  • Journalism
  • Law enforcement
  • Recreational uses
  • Security
  • Live events

Top applications of Propel HD streaming video drone

As pointed out earlier, drones find a wide range of applications in regular life. Knowing what these applications are will help you better appreciate them, here is a breakdown of some of the uses:

  1. Live events

Including drone footages into your live events such as soccer matches, basketball games or even a wedding can help give your event a different color. These days, you will find live concerts featuring different angles of the artist with aerial views, closeup views adding flavor. These innovations became more prominent in 2016 and ever since then, the technology has taken over. These days, live stream drones are a common feature for medium to large broadcast organizations. The biggest beneficiaries of this technology are those in the sports broadcast industry. With these drones, the viewer can have a closer feel of the action even as they occur.

  1. Rescue operations

Using live feeds from your Propel HD streaming video drone can help save lives. There are instances where drones get used in search and rescue operations with great success. Some of these drones get used in emergencies such as in the search of missing persons and forest fires while assisting law enforcement officials to get the job done.

Some of these drones get equipped with heat filters that assist you to identify live targets and even the source of fires from 100 meters above the ground. This gives the officials a real-time assessment of the situation and reduces exposure to risk and errors.

  1. Recreational uses

Regardless of whether you are a social media journalist or travel blogger with a large following or someone who loves to update family and friends about your activities, a live stream drone footage can separate you from the crowd. You will be allowing your viewers to view things from a different angle.

For those who engage in nature watching, drone footages are usually out of this world especially when they are live-streamed.

Nature footage from live stream drones is especially breathtaking and perfect for sharing in real-time.

  1. Racing

One of the most exciting sports that is gaining traction out there is drone racing. Experts refer to it as a mix of both video games and sports. In this race, standard drones get used so that the chances of each person are even and skills play the main factor. When playing this sport, the competitors use VR headgears which helps them see what the drone is seeing and they navigate the racetrack.

Live streaming using your drone

To live stream, there are two core requirements and they are the drone app and your phone. All you need to do is pair the drone app with a drone remote controller. When the pairing gets done, you can opt for your choice of live broadcast such as Facebook Live.

This concept is ideal for those who are always moving and need to share their steps and progress with their followers. To maximize your experience, you need a good source of internet connectivity.

Things you must be mindful of

Chances are that you are already excited and can’t wait to launch your Propel HD steaming video drone, but there are some things you must never forget:

  • Chances are that you may damage your first drone hence, do not buy an expensive drone at first. Use a low-end drone to perfect controlling the done.
  • Always ensure that you consider where you fly your drones and follow the relevant rules. For instance, always make sure you do not go below 100 meters. Also, avoid airfields and airports and do not fly close to a plane.

Final Thoughts

Using the live stream function of your drones can be a game-changer in your venture. You should ensure that all factors especially those highlighted in this article get considered. Piloting a drone is not exactly rocket science, but it does need understanding the basics and applying the same.