One of the most prominent questions asked by a Protocol Director Drone Distance rider is how far can it go? There are two ways you can accurately measure the range which a drone can cover. First, you need to know how far away from you the drone can get and you may also be referring to the number of miles of ground which the drone can cover before the battery gets exhausted. Several drones offer enough flight time and speed to cover at least ten miles of the ground even though they can only cover lower than a mile from the remote control.

What makes the Protocol Director Drone unique?

This drone got designed to give you an edge in your drone piloting experience. You can use it to create videos with 3 different camera angles with good audio quality. It comes with unique features such as auto-launch, hover, and land coupled with altitude sensors. This drone has 6-axis motion-sensitive stabilizers and three selectable speeds.

Furthermore, the Protocol Director is made using crash-resistant materials and can get recharged using the USB. Also, it has a 2.4GHz remote and 3 camera shoot and records audio. The drone is fitted with live streaming capabilities and has a camera resolution of 720p with simultaneous photo and video. You can easily navigate this drone using your Smartphone.

What is the Protocol Director Drone Distance covered?

The distance you can navigate your drone through is dependent on the unobstructed line of sight that exists between the drone and the remote. Also, these values are often calculated within a low interference environment using the remote antenna positioned optimally for maximum results. The world has many places riddled with metals on the ground hence the need for interference warnings. In such places, you begin to see video lag as well as stutter distances which are less than the range reported by the drones.

Always have it at the back of your mind that the video signal and the control signal may have4 different frequencies 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Hence, you will have to maintain control even after the video gets cut off. Stuttering video may well serve as a perfect indicator that the connection you are using is not good enough.

In a practical scenario, you have to expect the drone you are flying to get to a distance of 4 miles before any real issue could arise. Depending on the rules governing drone usage where you are, you may likely limit the flight to about 2,000 feet out. The essence of the legal line of sight in most countries is to keep the drone visible to the eyes.

Tips to help you extend the flight distance and time

One of the major drawbacks of drones is that they do not stay in the air for as long as we may desire. Here are some tips that should help make your drone stay longer in the air:

  • Cut down on the weight

If you intend flying just for fun, the ideal way to fly higher and longer is to cut the weight of the drone. With less weight, the motors will have less to lift hence less power consumed. You may remove the prop guard, camera, and any other thing you may not need.

  • Care for your batteries

The moment you disconnect the battery from the charger, you will begin to lose some of the charges. To optimize your battery, you should use it only when it is well charged. Also, do not expose the battery to the sun or cold.

  • Replace the batteries where needed

If you have been flying for a while, you will begin getting less flying times than you used to. The reason for this is that batteries have a pre-defined lifespan. Hence, when you have been flying for a while, make sure you get replacement batteries.

What happens when your drone loses connection?

The easiest way to avert a situation where you lose connection when your Protocol Director Drone is going the distance is to ensure the tools are in good shape. Each drone manufacturer often has unique solutions to a loss of connection with some of them automatically returning to base. Some other drones will automatically hit the emergency stop and cause the drone to base while others simply land the drone where it is.

However, some drones will keep on operating using the settings last received from the controller. Hence, before you take off from the base, make sure you are familiar with the actions which you can take to recover your lost drone. Wait for the drone to get close to where the connection can get recovered.

Last line

The Protocol Director Drone Distance covered is dependent on a few factors some of which have been shown in this piece. Ensure your drone is in proper shape and all accessories are well taken care of before embarking on your next flight.