Looking for a Protocol drone battery upgrade? Drones just don’t have enough battery life, do they? Drones are really awesome and cool but what if I told you that you could actually enhance your drone’s battery, so you could fly for longer!

What Are Drones?

Drones are a sort of flying vehicle niche which doesn’t need any human assistance like you don’t need to control a smart drone with a remote control or anything. And since technology is advancing all the time, drones are becoming more common to find everywhere. They also aren’t that expensive anymore.

People can use drones for anything really from drone races to delivering packages with a drone, they really are useful. But drones don’t have the longest battery lives and it can be really useful if you upgrade the battery to something which is better and lasts longer, and that is called ‘protocol drone battery upgrade’.

How To Get Started With Protocol Drone Battery Upgrade:

Drones have a really low battery life, a maximum of half an hour and they take over an hour to fully charge again. Certain ways to fix this problem is by keeping a few fully charged replacement batteries with you whilst you are using your drone (then keep on replacing the battery after one dies). And probably the best method is to reform the drone’s stock battery by purchasing a bigger and better one which takes less time to charge and has longer battery life.

A couple of things that you need to check and look out for are:

Manufacturer’s battery:

Making sure that your drone isn’t only exclusive to the manufacturer’s batteries, will make it more difficult for you to find a replacement battery because your drone will only work on batteries made by the manufacturer and this increases the company business.


The cost for a replacement battery can be majorly different from the drone to drone sometimes they could be quite expensive and sometimes it could cost a reasonable amount. Sometimes going with a company you haven’t heard of may be a good option but not always! Just beware of the cost.

Charging time

One of the main things you should look for when buying a replacement battery is how long it takes to charge. Always try to get a battery which requires the least amount of time to charge (that is also one of the main reasons you are probably looking for a replacement battery).

Step 1:

Firstly look for a battery that is appropriate for your drone and has a higher capacity (meaning its battery life is longer) and check if the capacity will be compatible with your drone, basically making sure that the capacity isn’t too high for your drone and isn’t too low. Batteries with higher capacities are more expensive but they are more worth it as there is more time between the drone needing to recharge.

Step 2:

After making sure that the battery will be compatible with your drone put your new battery into your drone and make sure everything is working properly. If you have done all the research and ordered the right battery your drone should now have longer battery life and it should charge quicker. Obviously, after time the battery will wear out just like other electronic’s with batteries, the battery life will become shorter and it will take longer to charge. So once that happens it’s just best to purchase another battery.

Things to do for the optimal flying experience

So now that the protocol drone battery upgrade is complete and you have a new battery, sadly no matter how good your battery is it will never have unlimited battery life. So it is recommended to keep your drone’s original battery and whenever you are going out to use your drone just keep the original battery with you just in case if you want to fly your drone for a bit longer once the battery runs out just pop your old battery back in and you’ll get a bit more of fly time. If you have the money and don’t mind you could buy a few more replacement batteries and you will have more than enough time to fly your drone.