Many new users don’t have the experience to fly a drone with confidence, and the search for the quadcopter FPV training drone has increased. This specific drone category requires a strong and resilient structure to endure any falls during training. Considering this growing demand, many stores seek to offer such products, and HorusRC is one of them.

A product that fits perfectly in that category is the Diatone Hey Tina Whoop 86mm F4 2S/2-3S 1.6 Inch FPV Racing Drone, a quadcopter that provides great performance on a small and light package. The quality of its construction and design with many colors available for customization is really welcome for beginners. Diatone’s products are a reference on the radio-controlled aircraft market.

For only $159.99 you can get yours at HorusRC online shop. And do check out for more information about this amazing quadcopter for FPV training and other high-quality drones, accessories, and other products.


Diatone Hey Tina Whoop 86mm 1.6 Inch FPV Racing Drone


Remarkable Features

The Diatone Hey Tina Whoop 162, which can be found in the Horus RC website, is a small drone with robust plastic protection around the propellers. This makes it a very durable and resistant product, which makes it the perfect choice for the quadcopter FPV training drone in its category.

Thinking about its portability, the Diatone Hey Tina Whoop comes with a padded carrying case, which has a carbon fiber texture finish for a good style. This kit contains the drone, backup batteries, receiver wire hardness, a spare set of prop guards and rubber grommets, and other accessories, such as a buzzer, battery strap, zip ties, and screw set. All of that is perfect for beginners learning how to fly a drone.

This drone has two versions: one that uses a 2S battery (550 mah) with 12000KV motors and another version that uses a 2S or 3S battery (450 mah) with 8500KV motors. In both versions, the drone weighs around 100g with a total of 86mm side by side, perfect to be carried around.

The 40 mm diameter propellers are pretty easy to be replaced. You can use the bracelet, that comes in the kit, and use it to get a grip on the motors to remove the props with pliers. It’s easy to get more spare props to replace the original ones if they break on a drone training, which is likely to happen as the user doesn’t have much experience flying a quadcopter.

The prop guards meant for protection act as motor mount and are sandwiched in place with 2 carbon plates, making the Tina Whoop more resistant to drops and strong knocks, without damaging the engines or even the props during a training flight. The frame screws are Philips head, requiring a standard tool for easy repair or switch for another color preference, being customizable for better looks.

Characteristics and Specifications

Diatone Hey Tina Whoop is equipped with a Runcam Nano 2, with an adjustable camera angle, and a copper pipe antenna for a good receiving/transmitting signal. The camera specs are a 1/3” CMOS sensor, and a resolution of 700TVL. The lens is a 2.8mm 155° FOV (field of view) or a 1.8mm 170° FOV. The signal system is PAL/NTSC non-switchable, a stable video signal for good quadcopter for training.

It’s very simple to customize and improve this drone. You can take it apart and manage the mounted items or even mount a GoPro, for instance. It’s possible to get an STL file to 3D print a repair on damaged parts and make other upgrades, like a land gear or a camera and antenna mount., known for providing better results during a flight.

Even though there is a structure surrounding the motors for their protection, the performance of Diatone Hey Tina Whoop is still undoubtedly good because of the mass distribution. The batteries sit on top, and the whole drone is built upside down, as a pusher, with the motors mounted nearly to the end of the batteries. This gives a great improvement in performance for amazing control during flight.