Thanks to the rise in the number of a new RC plane and drone pilots, there has been a surge of interest in controllers with a range of 2.4 GHz RC transmitter. So, in this article, we’ll be talking about one of the many FrSky transmitter models available on, a tried-and-true top-quality TX from one of the industry’s best brands.

The FrSky 2.4GHz Taranis Q X7S ACCESS Transmitter stands out from the pack thanks to its high-speed transmission rate and low latency, the result in its digital interface with a high-speed module. It can be easily configured with help from a computer and a mini USB cable, and its files are compatible with the Taranis X9D, X9D Plus, X9E, and X7 models, and can be easily shared among them.

The QX7S transmitter model brings back the best features from previous FrSky models while improving others significantly from its predecessors. Among these new features are the upgrade of the gimbals for the Hall Sensor model and the inclusion of the PARA wireless trainer system.


The Taranis Q X7S’s blue case



Properties Overview

The specs of this product consolidate its place as one of the best transmitters in the market in terms of value and convenience for pilots, especially beginners. It’s available in blue and carbon fiber themes and can be acquired on


The sleek look of the carbon fiber design

One of the features that crown this transmitter as one of the best for beginner pilots is the PARA wireless trainer system, which allows for remote connections between different radios for training, in addition to allowing for use with online flight simulators. This same system also makes it compatible with the FrSky Free Link App and Air Link S, offering easy monitoring of telemetry data using your mobile devices.

Another great addition to the Q X7S 2.4GHz RC transmitter was the replacement of the gimbals from the regular model for the M7 Hall Sensor gimbals, offering greater precision to movements and lasting much longer thanks to lower mechanical wear and tear. The height of the gimbals can also be adjusted, capable of being customized for greater comfort for the pilot.



Communication Protocol and OS Improved

On top of the physical features, the Q X7S also comes with the Advanced Communication Control, Elevated Spread Spectrum (ACCESS) protocol, which improves flight experience and reliability of RC transmission. Based on the previous ACCST, which led the industry for over 10 years, ACCESS is the most advanced protocol yet, with an advanced encryption algorithm that blocks signal interference.

ACCESS also brings the Smart Match function for Registration and Automatic binding, which facilitates the handling of receptors. With this function, receptors can be accessed directly via the transmitter once registered, bypassing the need to use the F/S button. Additionally, model sharing and updating can be done without wires, thanks to the over-the-air (OTA) configuration.

The ACCESS also makes it possible for the transmitter to act as a spectrum analyzer, searching for radio waves and measuring signal strength, background noise, and frequency distortion in the area. It also includes the Channel Remapping function, allowing the pilot to change the channel order on the fly. On top of all that, the model is also compatible with JR and XJT standards of telemetry modules.

Seeking to continue with the innovations introduced in earlier models, the Taranis Q X7S is executable with OpenTX, a high-quality operating system used in many of the top transmitters in the world. OpenTX provides efficient, simple programming, along with an array of features such as vibration and sound alerts, which can be heard with or without headphones thanks to the transmitter’s dedicated headphone port.

High Cost-Benefit

The compact design of the Q X7S offers a great deal of comfort for long days out, with rubber finish both on the front and back sides, preventing slippage and soreness from holding the transmitter for too long. It’s compatible with 18650 Li-ion batteries, with easy access to the battery compartment. Additionally, a case is also available to transport your radio anywhere you go without having to worry about damage.

The lower side features forts for Mini USB, FrSky’s very own Smart Port, and a slot for a microSD card, which can be used to increase the already considerable internal memory, already capable of storing 60 different models. The Mini USB port can also be used to charge the batteries without the need to fumble around with them, avoiding the need for a battery charger and is also an alternative to PARA.

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