If you are an RC Helicopter owner you need to consider getting an RC Helicopter Case, why? Well because you would already know how delicate RC Helicopters are, they can break super easily.


So as stated in the introduction RC Helicopters are very frail. For example, if you are traveling somewhere (by car) and you have your RC Helicopter just sitting in your boot instead of being in a case, and if you drive over a speed bump or the road is a bit bumpy you’re Helicopter is ruined!

Now you will have to spend a lot of money on buying a replacement Helicopter, but if you chose to invest a little bit of money on an RC Helicopter Case you would save a lot of money. And the amazing thing about these cases is that they are very durable so you will only need to buy one once, in your whole lifetime, you don’t need to keep on purchasing new ones. So next time you could just keep your case in the boot of your car.


So there are a lot of advantages/benefits to owning an RC Helicopter Case but there can also be disadvantages, however, there aren’t many disadvantages, like the size of the case. The case can be quite big so if you have to walk with it to some distance it can be difficult as it is quite large and heavy. But there is also another type of case and this one resembles more of a duffel bag but it is also used for keeping your RC Helicopter safe. And this type of case is still quite large but it is not as heavy as the traditional metal case.


The metal cases are quite secure with a briefcase type lock, and with a handle at the top for carrying. As said earlier it is quite large but sturdy and will protect your RC Helicopter from damage. On the inside, they have cutouts in them for storing your Helicopter and accessories. This is a good feature as you won’t need to stuff evening inside and it will all fit in easily. They also have a modern, sleek and minimalistic look to them.

How To Choose Between Which RC Helicopter Case You Want:

So there are two types of cases you can choose from: 

- The first one is the standard one that you see most, this one has more of a briefcase look to it, and it is the sturdiest but also the heaviest. As it is very durable it will last you a long time meaning you won’t have to invest in any replacement helicopter cases. It’s also waterproof.

- The second one is the one that looks a bit more like a duffel bag, this one will also do a good job at protecting your drone but it’s not the most durable. As it is made out of cloth it could rip and tear meaning you may have to purchase replacements. It’s also not waterproof. But the advantage is that it’s quite lightweight.

So now that you have read through the pros and cons of each case you should have a good idea of which one suits you more. Some people may need the first one, some people may need the second one depending on their preferences and some people may even need both.


So we looked at both pros and cons of both RC Helicopter Cases and in conclusion, I would say if you travel quite far distances with your Helicopter or if you travel abroad it would be better to choose the second case as it is more lightweight, but keep in mind water could seep through it and your Helicopter could get wet.

And if you travel shorter distances or don’t travel much with your helicopter the first option would be better for you as it is heavy but you aren’t carrying it that much. On the other hand, the advantage is that if it rains a lot in your country your Helicopter will be protected in the first case, as it is waterproof.