Knowing the ideal RC Helicopter china price tips can prove to be the difference between a fulfilling flying experience and a bad one. Before you buy an RC helicopter, you need to know how to choose one, the price, quality, performance, and availability of parts. Best entry-level RC helicopters.

What are the types of RC helicopters?

As a beginner, it is ideal to start with hobby grade copters. You will get a toy grade one for a less cost, but these may not be your best choice if you are looking for a reliable and decent RC helicopter that would last you for a while. Toy-grade helicopters are often known to have between 2 and 3 ranges.

Also, these helicopters are known to lack a swash-plate which is the component of the helicopter which directs the rotor blade and this would limit the direction control. However, this does not mean you shouldn't go for toy-grade RC helicopters as some of them have the best RC Helicopter China price.

Having said this, the hobby grade RC helicopters come in three distinct types which are the fixed pitch, coaxial and collective pitch. For those just starting, the coaxial is a perfect choice.

  • Coaxial RC helicopters

 Regarded as the beginners' helicopter, they come with two rotors positioned at the top which rotate in opposing direction. This leads to the cancelation of the torque reaction which each rotor possesses. Note that coaxial helicopters do not need a tail rotor. They are regarded as the most stable among the different varieties of copters and are not exactly reactive.

Coaxial RC helicopters are thus the perfect choice for beginners and they come in different sizes which makes them ideal for outdoor and indoor activities. Many models of coaxial RC helicopters cost less than $50.

  • Fixed pitch RC helicopters

The next drone in terms of complexity is the fixed pitch helicopter. Unlike what is obtainable with the coaxial helicopter, the fixed pitch only has a single rotor at the top. Remember that majority of coaxial helicopters are also fixed-pitch which means they have a tail rotor but the angle or pitch of attack of the rotors of the RC types is fixed.

Just like what is obtainable with coaxial helicopters, the lifting power of this helicopter is directly proportional to the throttle input of the motors. The higher the throttle is, the greater the lift produced. Such helicopters are also made in small and mid sizes and can be flowing outdoors and indoors. Fixed pitch helicopters range from $50 and above.

  • Collective pitch RC helicopters

Perhaps you have been airborne with RC helicopters for a little while now, if so, you may want to go for collective helicopters. In this helicopter type, the lift is not a result of upping the throttle, instead, the angle of the attack of the rotor blades is a function of the loss or gain of altitude.

Also, the speed of the spin of the rotor blade has nothing to do with the lift produced. This leads to a reaction in the control inputs. You need this for certain moves such as inverted flying. Have you ever seen a professional RC helicopter pilot navigate an RC helicopter producing amazing stunts in the process? Chances are high that they are flying a collective pitch RC helicopter. They go for between $100 and $600.

Key factors never to forget before buying

Upon making your choice among the three categories of helicopters, you will have a factor in some other things before making the purchase.

  • The cost

A number of the entry-level RC helicopters available in the market are sold for less than $100 and some are even sold for less than $50. But while considering the cost, you must remember that the build quality is also very important. However, you must also factor in the price and ease with which to get extra parts. For beginners, the risk of crashing your copter is always high.

  • performance

The next important thing to consider is the helicopter performance. As a beginner, you may not bother yourself about getting high-performance drones yet. However, getting an RC helicopter that can fly outdoors is vital. You certainly do not want a copter that will get flung away by the wind.

One other thing you need to consider is the number of channels that the helicopter has. The majority of beginner coaxial RC copters have three channel varieties. This means they can descend, ascend, and move backward, forward, up, and down.

Last line

The perfect RC Helicopter China price will always factor in the quality as well. Do not be so focused on getting a cheap deal that you ignore getting a good deal. Quality must be your primary concern.