Navigating your helicopter in RC helicopter games is one task that requires all factors to be equal. When flying their first helicopter, beginners get faced with new obstacles and a new style of control. This requires having an open mind to learn.  Adhering to some set guidelines can make the flying experience easier. If you intend flying for the first time, go through the beginners' guide to flying RC helicopters

Getting started

Knowing what to do before, during, and after a flight summarizes success in this field. Here are some proven tips that should help make your RC copter experience pleasant:

Tips to help you maximize your flight

There are dozens of RC models in the market especially flying vehicles and copters, but as a first-timer, this may not be the ideal route to take. Always think realistically first about the possibility of a beginner's crash. You may get faced with damages that would need either replacing the copter or repairing it.

The pain you will feel when this occurs is proportional to the cost of the copter. For instance, beginners often find it easier to fly coaxial copters which have two rotors on the top as it allows them to maintain a certain hovering position.

  • Have a good grasp of the RC helicopter games control

Ground RC games come fitted with controls that are quite easy to grasp and need making the same reverse, turning, and forward motions as a car. When you become airborne, it becomes a different ball game.

There are four controls to remember: the rudder rotates it right and left, the throttle moves it down and up, the elevator moves it backward and forward while the aileron strafes the copter right and left while airborne. The easiest and safest way to grasp the concept if practice it in a controlled environment.

  • Tilt the tail towards the user

One way to make your flight safer is by pointing the tail of the helicopter towards the controller. In a situation where you are taking off and you notice that the tail begins to stray, ensure you use the rudder to realign the tail in such a way that it faces you. If you notice that you can't do this, get the copter down and tilt it. Doing this makes it easier for beginners to use when they are hovering and flying.

  • Look for a good launching surface

One aspect of mastering the RC helicopter games is that the beginner must learn to get it into the air and this can be difficult at first. Make sure you have an ideal surface for the launch. Ensure that this surface is a smooth floor such as a tile, wood, or laminate. Ensure that there isn't an obstacle that may affect the base of the helicopter before taking off. If there are uneven parts of the floor, the copter won't launch. Keep practicing launching on such surfaces until you master the concept.

  • Understand hovering

Soon after you master taking off the ground, proceed to learn how to hover position. Begin by raising it into the air and turn the tail towards you and adhere to the guidelines about maintaining positions. Ensure to keep adjusting until the point where you have attained the position of desire. Ensure that the copter is about a meter in the air and practice your controls until the tail gets pointed at you without struggling.

  • Same Gear training

As a new RC copter pilot, crashes are a possibility even as you get accustomed to the process. One distinct feature of toy helicopters is that they have small parts that could get damaged in crashes and the easiest way to reduce the possibility of this is by using safety gear. What this gear does is that it performs like function as a landing gear as it helps to stabilize the copter if there is an unexpected landing thus averting flips which could lead to damaged propellers.

You shouldn't feel bad using landing gears till you have a good grasp of the landing process.

  • Use safe conditions

The most essential skill you need to pilot your RC copter is common sense. If you find yourself in a rainy, windy, or snowy condition, you may not have successful flights. Always make your flight on days when the wind appears still and there is no sign of rainfall. Also, look out for wide spaces with minimal in-air obstructions. You may practice indoors but make sure it is in large rooms that do not have breakable obstructions.


RC helicopter games are fun and this makes mastering them imperative. Adhering to the simple guidelines for newbies can help such users get a better grasp of the operational procedure. While using this guide, ensure that your common sense gets activated as this is the perfect combination for a successful flight.