Just in case you do not know what RC helicopter simulator online games are, they are programs loaded into your personal computer and replicate flying in a real RC helicopter. They may come with a radio with a USB cable or a USB adapter which will help you connect your pre-existing RC radio into the computer using the trainer port on the radio. Certain wireless USB adapters are available for you to connect the radio.

RC simulators are known to serve as a tool for learning especially for those who intend flying an RC helicopter and can be used just for fun and excitement.

Do you need to use RC helicopter simulator online games to learn how to fly?

This is a recurrent question among RC helicopter enthusiasts and the answer is simple; you do not need it to perfect flying. Most people who fly RC helicopters learned to do so without using RC simulators. Back in the days, the computers available just didn't have enough power to handle the requirements of an RC copter simulator. But there are changes in that regard these days as more helicopters are being made with sophisticated systems which makes them flyable in safe mode, easy mode, and simulator thus meaning there isn't any real need for learning with a simulator.

With RC helicopters, you will find out that RC simulators are ideal for the student when he or she has fully grasped the concept behind hovering and wants to transition to circuit exercises. They also help the student progress from circuit flying to a more complex aerobatic and flying practice.

What defines a good RC flight simulator?

Identifying good RC helicopter simulator online games isn't exactly rocket science. The best ones are usually more realistic. The ideal simulator should allow you to use an RC radio/transmitter. It may be a wireless USB dongle, USB one, or the RC radio linked to your computer via the USB adapter & port.

  • RC Radio trainer port connected to the USB flight simulator adapter

If you want to learn how to fly effectively, there is no way you can do it without this. The main aim of the simulator is to improve your eye/hand motor skills via your finger. A gamepad or joystick may not give you the best result in this regard.

  • USB flight simulator adapters

Most of the major simulators in the market today are good, hence, you need to know the type of simulator you need and search for the sim that best suits the application. Also, you need to make a good choice with the type of computer you are using. Most of these games only work on PCs. Also, note that they are heavy users of processing power and also require a reasonable graphics card for the best experience. You can save yourself time, energy, and resources by checking them online before proceeding.

Things to be cautious about

You need to know that you need a lesson plan of some sort when dealing with a simulator. You do not want to lean on a simulator and pick up wrong ethics. Once you learn the wrong thing, it may take a long time to unlearn such.

You should never forget that RC helicopter simulator online games are nothing but tools and can be counterproductive if used the wrong way.

Furthermore, you must know that being able to fly a simulator helicopter is not a guarantee that you will be able to fly a real one. For instance, the simulator does not teach you how to set up a copter or even build it and they also do not teach you simple flight physics. Regardless of how good and realistic simulators are, they cannot replace flying a live copter.

Simulators may not give you the needed experience for handling the fear factor, regardless of how much simulator flying experience you have, it does not equate with the fear of seeing hundreds of dollars in the air.

The fear of crashing while flying makes them panic and lose their cool which leads to unnecessary errors.

Bottom line

You do not need RC helicopter simulator online games to learn to fly a real RC helicopter, but it can prove to be quite useful. Simulators will help you save money, time, and energy if properly used. You may engage the services of an RC copter to help guide you on the right path.