Before you get to your first hover exercise, you need to understand how RC helicopter training aids work. You need to have training gear on your helicopter when you begin your journey at first. These training gears are some fiberglass, wooded, or carbon sticks that get arranged in a definite pattern. What the plastic balls at the end of each of the sticks does is to avert a situation where the sticks jam into the ground even as the helicopter moves around.

What are RC helicopter training aids?

RC helicopter training aids include any equipment that is designed to ensure that you are 100 percent comfortable with the way your RC helicopter controls function. These aids are vital before you go on a low stationary flight so that you don't get confused. This may seem easy but it's not except you have been getting some flight time on a simulator before now. It can however be quite exhausting and as such, you should get some rest if you feel tired. You are trying to catch a new skill that requires focus and coordination and this can be quite exhausting.

Never forget that it is not a race but a gradual process that should be at your own pace.

Tips for buying Training aids

Before you step into the market to purchase your RC helicopter, you need to understand the complexities surrounding it and the accessories you need to maximize it. Here are some things you need to know before you buy your RC helicopter training gear:

  • Cost

While you are searching for something that suits your budget, you must ensure that the value being offered is commensurate with the price. It suffices to say that the cost should never be seen as more important than the value as value should always come first. There are several premium quality training kits out there that come at very affordable costs.

  • Compatibility

You must ensure that the training kit you are going for is one that is compatible with your RC Heli. It must fit the size and structure of your helicopter also. Ideally, it should be a training kit that is made by the manufacturer of your RC helicopter.

  • Reviews

One way to tell if you are about making the right purchase is by going through the reviews of previous buyers of such accessories. Ideally, the reviews of close friends and family will do a better job in this regard. Reviews will save you the stress of buying what you would later regret especially if it is a review from a verified purchase.

What type of ground should you learn on?

The ground you learn on is very important because most people assume wrong in this regard. A lot of people assume that what you need is soft and thick grass, but this is not ideal for a ground hovering exercise. The most ideal surface to learn on is a flat ice surface. The concept behind the hovering exercise is to get comfortable with navigating your helicopter through the ground in different directions. If you are using thick grass, this would be nearly impossible. Ideally, you should use very short grass, but Heli has to be moving for this to work.

If you can locate a large well-paved environment to practice hovering, ensure that it is clean and free from debris.

The Ground hover exercise

The RC helicopter training gear slides on the asphalt. Before you get to this point, ensure you carry out a radio system check. When this gets done, make sure you place the RC helicopter in the middle of the road and ensure it is facing the wind. In a case where the area has a marking, put your helicopter over the mark and let it serve as your reference point. Then start the Heli and stay directly behind it. Make necessary adjustments by observation.


Your RC helicopter training aids got designed to make life easier for you as a person. Hence, carry out due diligence to ensure that you are getting the right piece of equipment that is compatible with your RC Heli. Doing this will save you time, energy, and resources in the long run.