There are not too many things that equate the feeling of getting into the RC helicopter world by owning your first copter. There is a rush of fear and excitement that comes with watching your machine airborne and navigating the skies above. When choosing your first helicopter in the world of RC helicopters, it can be a rather daunting and stressful venture because of the numerous choices out there today. Factors such as the size ranges, brands, and their distinct capabilities all determine which one to go for

In this piece, we will be showing you how to make the right choice as regards getting yourself the right RC helicopter.

What to consider before getting an RC copter

The RC helicopter world is a rather wide eco-system on its own and can be rather confusing especially for someone who is a newbie. The availability of options makes the right choice rather complicated. Here is a breakdown of some of the things you must consider before buying your RC copter:

  • Skill

The level of skill plays a huge role as far as Heli flight is concerned. Thus, if you are a newbie in the arena, you shouldn’t be looking at getting an expensive Heli just yet. Such a move will eventually end in tears as the chances of crashing your helicopter are very high at that stage. As a newbie rider, functions such as the Bind and Fly, as well as the Ready to Fly are your best assets. The RTF kits are set for your first flight as all you need to do is charge the copter and you will be in the air.

In the case of BNF kits, you will need a transmitter before setting up to fly. Both the BNF and RTF are features that would make your flying experience seamless and worthwhile. The kits are less expensive to fix, less in cost and you will be able to learn without suffering serious injuries to your heart and wallet.

  • Budget

Selecting the right helicopter relies heavily upon the cost of what you want to get. Your proposed budget greatly determines what type of Heli you should go for. As a starter, ideally, you should go for a less expensive copter with minimum features. Getting a cheaper copter as a newbie is important because you are bound to make mistakes at this time and your mistakes should be cheap.

However, if you are looking to save some money and still get something solid, you may want to consider the available combo packages. Going for manufacturers who combo their helicopter will save you both money and time. Doing this means you do not have to worry about things such as the ESC, correct motor, and flight controller.

But if budget is not an issue for you, there are a lot of options out there for you. Different brands offer different unique features with the different styles out there offering something unique. The expensive brands may affect your pocket but they will brighten your smile.

  • Heli-size

In the RC helicopter world, there are different helicopter sizes you can choose from with each one offering something unique. Usually, the size of the Heli determines the cost and the features they offer. Some things you must factor in include the copter visibility because larger Helis can get seen from afar off. Also, you need to consider the location of the flight as well as the complexity of building and flying.

In the world of RC helicopters, small sizes copter cost less and are easier to maintain and in situations where a crash occurs, there are always fewer parts to fix because of the mass.

  • The brand

One thing you must not shy away from is the brand you intend to use. Although brand loyalty is a good idea, you must not shy away from the prospects other brands have to offer. Most brands are known for something unique as per client preferences. Hence, you may need to find out what they have to offer and leverage the same.

Final thoughts

The possibilities that exist in the world of remote-controlled helicopters are nearly infinite. But knowing how to leverage these possibilities will go a long way in determining how much success you enjoy. Make sure you consider the listed factors before delving into this fun and exciting world.