The FrSky S6R 6 channel Receiver with 3-axis Stabilization is one of the best, most compact RC plane flight stabilization systems in the market. As an RC plane enthusiast, have you ever gone to the field to fly your RC planes, only to be bested by a particularly windy afternoon?  If so, the solution to your problems might just be this amazing product by FrSky that is available right now at for just  $27.99.

With the FrSky S6R, you don’t have to correct your plane’s heading after every breeze, because this receiver will do it for you. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 3-axis gyroscope, it will take up all the heavy flying while you just need to worry about where you’re going. Of course, if at any point you want to take matters into your own hands, you can disable the stabilizer function and revert to using it as a simple receiver.

Lightweight and easy to use

The FrSky S6R weighs just 12 grams, one of the lightest in the FrSky lineup. But that’s not the only design choice that makes this a great RC airplane flight stabilizer system. It is also designed for easy configuration and use, so you can set it up without having to download apps or additional components; all it takes is a FrSky-compatible transmitter, though the option for setup with a computer is also available.

Here’s how it works: in the screen of your transmitter, instructions to place the device in different positions will appear. Simply position the receiver as instructed in order to calibrate the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer and in minutes the stabilizer will be flight capable. Now, it can be connected to an RC plane and linked to the servos with its 6 available channels for ailerons, 2 elevators, rudder and thrust.


It handles like a dream

Compatible for airplane configurations such as the delta wing (flying wing), conventional or V-tail, the stabilizer offers different flight patterns for each. For flying wings and V-tails, for example, you can choose from simple stabilization or auto level flight. Conventional planes can go even further, with upright (hover) flight and crab also available in case you really want to show off.

The flight modes kick in almost like magic: no matter what position the aircraft is during a maneuver, for example, activating auto level will immediately snap it to fly level in the horizontal direction it was going. Stabilization mode, likewise, will keep the plane flying straight without input from the pilot, avoiding side-to-side oscillations. All corrections are performed on the fly by the onboard stabilizer thanks to its gyroscope.


If all this wasn’t enough, it’s good to remember that the S6R is, at its core, a high-quality signal receiver. For enthusiasts who aren’t sure what receiver or what stabilizer to buy, this is a great 2-in-1 package which has stood the test of time, being available in the market for years and gaining many happy customers along the way. It is an inexpensive option for those who don’t need super advanced stabilization systems.

The multiple functionalities of this device also mean that it can do the same job as, or even better than other receivers in the market. It can connect to telemetry equipment and sensors using the exclusive Smart Port, a FrSky staple, allowing you to gather data while in flight. Add this to the auto level mode, and it’s possible to gather less noisy data than otherwise.

Of course, mention must be made of the ACCST radio frequency protocol. This protocol is at the heart of FrSky products and has for nearly 10 years provided stable information exchange between different products, be it transmitters or receivers, and continuously outclasses the competition, even to this day. With ACCST, you can be sure you’re getting one of the best, if not the best RC plane flight stabilization system.

Please keep in mind that the FrSky S6R 6 channel Receiver with 3-axis Stabilization is compatible with FrSky transmitters, thus taking full advantage of the ACCST protocol and overall quality of FrSky products. So, if you already own a FrSky transmitter, then you’re good to go! If not, you can find many great options at low prices on, like the Taranis series, and get yourself some air time.