Experienced RC pilots know that a good RC plane transmitter and receiver set is crucial for the ideal operation of the plane/drone. To feel fully in control of its movements, the receiver should acquire the signals and interpret them correctly and without significant delay. Also, the transmitter that sent such signals should maintain the precision of the pilot’s commands even when they try riskier flight maneuvers.

The Taranis X-Lite Pro and the RX6R Receiver work together as an excellent RC drone transmitter and receiver set because both are high-quality products, made by a traditional RC drones company. FrSky guarantees perfect compatibility between the pair since this receiver was specifically developed to work with this transmitter, enhancing the pilot’s flying experience

You can find FrSky’s Taranis X-Lite Pro and the RX6R Receiver at horusrc.com for $199.99 and $27.99, respectively.

The Transmitter

The FrSky Taranis X-Lite Pro is an evolution of the traditional FrSky`s Taranis X-Lite, a product already consolidated in the RC drones and planes market as an excellent transmitter option. For the evolution, new possibilities and tools were added to improve the flying experience of RC planes pilots. There are some changes between the versions and some notable common features worth looking at.


One change between the versions is the function that the micro USB port plays. On the Taranis X-Lite Pro, the micro USB port can be used to recharge the batteries of the transmitter. This change makes the process more practical and simple to be done when compared to the batteries recharging process of the older one. The X-Lite Pro keeps all the other functions of the micro USB port

Another improvement on the newer version is found in the gimbals. The X-Lite Pro is equipped with full aluminum made hall sensor gimbals. The use of only metal CNC machined pieces leads to a higher quality, which makes it more durable and better looking. And, of course, being equipped with a hall sensor, all of the pilot’s commands are acquired with precision.

The switches above the radio have some differences. The X-Lite Pro has 2 three-position switches and 2 two-position switches, just like the Taranis X-Lite, but the newer one has bigger two-position switches, which are the FrSky’s answer to a common users’ complain that the X-Lite had short two-position switches. The X-Lite Pro also has two new buttons above, that can be used as momentary switches.

The FrSky Taranis X-Lite Pro is the first radio made by FrSky with its new protocol: the ACCESS. This communication protocol is the most modern air protocol in the market nowadays and FrSky is already releasing and adapting its existing receivers to be compatible with it. This radio with a new ACCESS compatible receiver will certainly give the RC pilot a new standard on RC transmitter and receiver sets

The receiver

The RX6R Receiver 6 PWM and 16 Channels Sbus outport with redundancy function  is tiny and lightweight - only 2.5 grams without antennas. That’s one of the reasons that make it such a versatile and reliable receiver, one that will fit perfectly in most RC planes and drones. It will surely please its users and pilots who have the most diverse flying styles.

Like many other modern FrSky receivers, the RX6R works with ACCESS. This allows for much simpler and safer binding, enhanced telemetry obtention, a more intuitive model setup, and many other new features that come with the latest transmitters in the Taranis Line, including our dear Transmitter X-Lite Pro.

The 6 PWM outputs work with very high precision and low latency, 9 ms less than that of the rest of receivers of the X-series in high-speed mode. Most planes do not need more than 6 PWM outputs, but, of course, that is up to the pilot. In case your model needs more channels, e.g. for telemetry, with ACCESS installed, it’s possible to get 24 channels with the SBUS OUT port while still maintaining the small latency.


The set

Combining these two great FrSky`s products you make an excellent RC plane transmitter and receiver set. The precision of a premium product like the Taranis X-Lite Pro and the possibilities of a receiver like RX6R will let you make totally different flights, feeling in control of the plane or drone.