If you have ever dreamed of being a pilot at some point in your life or dream of building and flying your own aircraft then you would enjoy flying RC Planes Youtube Electric or radio-controlled planes, as they are commonly known. Electric RC planes can be an expensive hobby to get into, especially if you are planning on becoming a professional RC plane collector, racer, or acrobatic pilot. But what plane model should you get, and would you need additional accessories? How do you start building the plane, and how do you even fly the thing? You can read blogs and reviews to answer your question, but if you want to see how it looks and how it flies, you may want to watch electric RC planes YouTube videos.

Electric RC Planes on YouTube

The electric RC community on YouTube may not be as big a hobby-oriented community like the gaming or beauty community. However, it still has enough presence to draw in enthusiasts.

Older electric RC plane channels are usually individual content creators who share their love of the hobby through test flight videos of their planes from take-off to in-flight and landing. These videos inspired viewers to try and pick up the hobby. The home-video style of content eventually evolved into more instructional how-to videos that showed viewers how to properly launch a plane, install flight stabilization systems, repair broken wings etc. This transition signified the community's growth and their willingness to interact on the platform with the creator and with each other. Later on, as companies recognized the role of influencers, the unboxing trend ensued. This trend caught up with electric RC planes YouTube creators and showed increased product unboxing and review videos and helped viewers find the best electric RC plane models. The growing clout of social media in influencing consumer decisions has pushed companies to get on the platform to publish product teasers, introductions, and other video content that aligns with their own objectives and message.

Electric RC Planes YouTube Channels By YouTube Creators

RCSparks Studio

With over 3 million subscribers (3.23 million at the time of writing), RCSparks Studios may be the biggest RC-related channel on the platform.

While not exclusively about electric RC planes, RCSparks Studio has a good sprinkling of RC plane videos in their library. This Canada-based YouTube channel showcases family-friendly content that shows the joy of having radio-controlled aircrafts and vehicles as a hobby. Although unboxing, review, testing, and introductions have been a constant on the channel, they also have comic content and challenge videos that give their audience a good chuckle.


One of the best examples of aligning the channel name and content type, RC RC RC!!! is a channel with over 1 million subscribers (1.43 million at the time of writing) that focuses on RC planes, helicopters, drones, cars, trucks, tanks, and more.

This Germany-based YouTube Channel is mostly focused on sharing high-quality videos of RC aircraft and vehicles in action—be it in races, shows, fairs, or just in the wild. It is interesting to note that they use more English video titles and descriptions and include occasional unboxing videos to cater to a broader, more international audience.

Essential RC

Thirteen years after publishing its first video, Essential RC has gained over 580 thousand subscribers (588 thousand at the time of writing) and is one of the oldest RC hobby channels on YouTube.

Based in Hampshire, UK, Essential RC focuses more on RC aircraft than land vehicles starting with a launch-to-land test flight of a FlyFly F-22 Raptor in 2007. Although the channel primarily focuses on test flights, it has incorporated product unboxing, reviews, and the occasional vlog-style/reaction-style content. But out of the three channels here, Essential RC has entered the world of YouTube live streaming where it looked into flight simulator programs.

Electric RC Planes YouTube Channels By RC Plane Manufacturers

Kyosho Corporation

Kyosho Corporation is a Japanese company that manufactures RC planes, helicopters, cars, trucks, trains, and more, gaining over 25 thousand subscribers in the last 11 years.

Understandably, the company highlights its own products through test flights, teasers, and ad-type content, but its library also includes instructional assembly and assembly videos. It is also interesting to note that through the years their videos show more of English content to accommodate their international audience and prospective consumer-base.

FMS Model

Despite being on the platform since 2014, FMS Model's YouTube channel has not taken off as expected with just a little over 3 thousand subscribers.

As an RC manufacturer, FMS Model's YouTube channel has content that is heavy on product teasers and introductions with the occasional instructional videos. However, in recent years, the channel has started uploading product unboxing videos.


Crashtesthobby is another company-initiated YouTube channel that has not reached a broader audience with only 2.1 thousand subscribers at the time of writing.

Unlike the other companies, Crashtesthobby focuses solely on RC planes from unboxing and assembly to test flights and repairs. However, the inconsistency, infrequency, and lack of recent video uploads may have been factors that prevented the channel's further growth.

The electric RC planes YouTube community may not be large, but it exists and is cultivated by home-grown YouTube creators and some company-initiated YouTube channels.