With more and more people joining the ranks of the RC drone community comes the need for products that welcome these new users, like the FrSky Taranis X-Lite 2.4GHz Radio Controller, a simple and intuitive transmitter with a familiar design, offering the best RC radio systems 2.4GHz for beginners, powered by the high quality and performance that made FrSky such a recognized RC brand.

Do not be fooled by the video-game controller look: as you will see throughout this article, this transmitter is indeed capable of controlling real-life drones. Not only that but the X-Lite is highly customizable both in software and hardware, making adaptation even easier.

Available on HorusRC’s online shop - horusrc.com - for just $129.99, this transmitter is undoubtedly a safe investment for those seeking to join the world of RC drones without having to worry about adapting to the traditional, standard, not to mention expensive controllers.


General Overview

The FrSky Taranis X-Lite 2.4GHz Radio Controller is built upon the highly acclaimed OpenTX firmware, making it an easily customizable, intuitive transmitter. On top of that, its physical features are also top-notch, boasting four switches (two 3 position and two 2 position switches) and two slides. The X-Lite is where users will find simplicity truly meeting performance.

The radio controller also features a slot for a microSD card, a headset jack, a micro USB port, a slot to connect and update servos, and, as expected of every transmitter from FrSky, compatibility with modules to enhance the user experience, such as the possibility of attaching an external antenna for longer range.

This transmitter runs on two 18500 Li-ion batteries, housed in two battery compartments easily accessible on the lower side. This way, you can easily switch them out without any hassle. Working together with the appropriate receptor, the X-Lite is capable of interacting with up to 16 channels at the 2.4GHz range.

This product was also designed to offer super-low latency, i.e., the elapsed time between the sticks being moved and the desired movement being transmitted by the device’s antenna is expected to be lower than 20 ms. Given so much being offered by the X-Lite, coupled with its low price for a transmitter, it’s clear that this is without a shadow of a doubt the best RC transmitter with 2.4GHz system for new pilots.


Modern, pleasing design

The first thing that draws the eye to the FrSky Taranis X-Lite 2.4GHz Radio Controller is the tried-and-true design of the X-Lite family: modern, comfortable and compact, easy to transport (it even comes with its special case for protection) and perfect fit in your hands, reminiscent of video game controllers. Besides, its interface is very simple and intuitive, ideal for those just entering the world of drones.

This model offers two hall sensor gimbals, which allow for great precision in complicated maneuvers along with a certain softness, and more durable than traditional gimbals with potentiometers, offering a rather deluxe look. The gimbals are also highly adjustable, and you can change their height, sensitivity, or mode (centralized or “loose”) in order to adapt to the way you want to use them.

The design also boasts a rubber finish on the surface, so it’s extremely comfortable to hold. Additionally, the buttons have a touch of rubber, and the metal details on the gimbals and switches make this transmitter look more expensive than it actually is. The game controller-like design is the icing on the cake: it results in a light, comfortable controller, beating out all others in the same price range.

This RC radio with 2.4GHz system is available in the colors black (with red details) to go with the stylish, discreet design, and red, for those looking for something a little more flashy, bringing out the silver details even more. To top up on the visuals and favor practicality, you also get free caps to store additional batteries when you buy it from HorusRC.


Great value

The FrSky Taranis X-Lite family will not disappoint the customer, and each model has its qualities. This model’s upper hand, though, just has to be its simplicity. It is the cheapest in the family, available for just $129.99 at horusrc.com, and offering great value and a great investment for those who are just dipping their toes in the drone world.