As more and more remote-controlled planes and drones enter the lives of many people, along comes the desire for accessories to improve the user’s overall experience and comfort with their hobby, such as an RC transmitter tray. Because of this, FrSky has developed the best you’ll find anywhere: the FrSky CNC Aluminium Tray for Horus X10 & X10S Express Transmitters.

When it comes to the user’s comfort, there are none like it. This tray will fit your X10 or X10S transmitter firmly, making it easier and more pleasant to handle, in addition to offering greater safety, safeguarding against accidentally dropping it on the floor, for example. The hand supports, meanwhile, prevent your hands from hurting after a long day of flying.

As is to be expected from a FrSky product, this RC transmitter tray offers an innovative design alongside comfort, convenience and precision for your flights. This experience-enhancing, performance-boosting accessory can be acquired for just $71.99. Add this tray to your flight days and you will see the difference straight away!

High quality materials only

Designing inexpensive components made with top-quality materials that increase the value of the final product are clearly a requirement to make quality products. Considering this, FrSky’s transmitter tray is composed of carefully machined aluminum, which offers a robust, smart design with a sleek, modern look, resulting in a lightweight, stable platform to control your RC model.


You can notice the use of high-quality materials in its manufacturing and the side hand rests

Maneuverability that fits your style

As the pilot rests his hands on the support and no longer has to directly hold the controller, the RC transmitter tray allows for more autonomy to direct the aircraft using only the thumbs and fingertips which, together with the shoulder strap holding the entire tray by itself, gives you varying options to pilot in any way you like.

Being able to relax your hands, and having the transmitter in a stable platform lets the pilot concentrate and focus entirely on the flight itself. Moreover, the ability to reach the sticks and button without great movements opens the door to difficult air maneuvers done with greater precision and comfort by the pilot. This way, the effort spent is lowered and you won’t get tired as quickly, being able to enjoy your day out longer than usual.

More than just a support accessory

When you get down to think about whether it’s worth it to buy these kinds of accessories that improve the user experience, it is nice to consider the benefits it brings. Standing for a long time with your body tensioned can hurt for hours, or even days. In this sense, the tray is a great help. Designed in such a way that the weight is distributed uniformly, your body is so much more relaxed while operating it.



FrSky CNC Aluminium Tray with Shoulder Strap version

Being able to stand and walk around with your hands free also allows you to pay more attention to your body posture, avoiding balance and boy stance stability issues while tracking an RC plane or drone that may be going very fast, moving all around you. Once again, you will be able to pilot with your body relaxed, preventing any future strains or pains.

It’s good to note that the shoulder strap version of the tray, though a bit pricier, is the complete version of this product. With the strap, you have more freedom to move as you see fit, since the tray is very stable and will hardly wobble as you move. You can also be sure you won’t drop the transmitter accidentally on your days out flying.

For all these reasons, it is clear to see that the FrSky CNC Aluminium Tray for Horus X10 & X10S Express Transmitters is a great, versatile accessory that can greatly improve a pilot’s comfort and movement precision, offering great convenience to reach the transmitter’s sticks and buttons, and a beautiful, lightweight design.

For more information on this product, visit now, HorusRC’s online shop. There, you can purchase this tray for just $71.99 and for an additional $8.00 you can also get the strap.