A receiver box rc is an important element of a radio-controlled vehicle. It protects the receiver and other electronic components from impacts, water and other dangers. Most people, who use a drone for the first time, do not know much about receiver box and its role. This is why, we decided to help amateurs and give answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this product. 

1. How receiver box protects the drone?

The receiver is an element of the drone that receives signals from the remote control and transforms them into actions. Being small in size, the device is easy to damage. A way to protect the receiver is to encase it into a special box that acts as a shell absorbing shocks from impacts and protecting against water. 

2. What materials is the box made of?

The box is made of industry-grade plastic. In spite of being lightweight, the plastic shell is incredibly sturdy and provides great protection for the vital electronic components of the drone and other RC vehicles. 

3. How box's weight affects the movement of the vehicle?

The standard weight of a receiver box is 20g. It is definitely not a burden for the motors and it cannot affect anyhow the speed and other flying features of the drone.

4. Is receiver box rc easy to install?

There is no big science in mounting the box. All you have to do is to place the receiver in it and screw the frame to secure the structure and make it perfectly sealed. At first sight, the installation is a piece of cake. However, the small size of the box can make it a bit more difficult to fix the item in place.

5. Can I find transparent boxes on the market?

Receiver boxes are of two types: transparent and not transparent. It doesn't matter much which one you choose if you are an amateur. However, if you are savvy in electronics, the transparent box will allow you see the status of the receiver, without taking the box out. This means that if something goes wrong with the electronic system, you will be able to see it right away from the transparent plastic and decide what to do next.

In this way, you can prevent more damage and a possible breakdown of the drone. On the other hand, if the box is completely black, you will not be able to see an emerging issue.

6. Is receiver box rc waterproof?

One of the main roles of this type of box is to protect the receiver and the electronic systems from water and other liquids. All you have to do is to screw the frame tighly to provide a perfect seal.

7. How much a protective box lasts

Typically, a receiver box is made to last from 6 months to one year of frequent use. With any slight impact, the box will wear down faster, having you replace it more often.

8. When do I need to buy a receiver box?

Though a receiver box is recommended to have all the time, there are two main situations where this item is a must. First one is when you drive the vehicle in a dangerous environment. If being more precise, it means flying the drone in a place where there are many trees, buildings and other obstacles that set the risk of collision high.

Narrow spaces are also considered dangerous because the probability of getting crashed is higher than in open spaces. Thus, in case of an insignificant impact, the box will protect the fragile receiver, keeping it in working condition. If you fly the drone above rivers or lakes, the box will be also of great help, because it is waterproof, and will keep water away from receiver if the drone comes into contact with water.

Another situation when a protective box is absolutely necessary is when you are an amateur drone user. Being a beginner drone driver can have you lose the control fast, mistake the buttons, and react too slow to an oncoming obstacle. This increases the risk of impact, even if you fly the drone in an open space. So having a receiver box will ensure that the electronic systems are kept in safety, while knowing this, you will be more confident piloting the aircraft.

To sum up, a receiver box has a big role in protecting the receiver and other electronic systems of your drone. It is made of durable plastic that absorbs shocks and ensures that your drone works even after an impact. Being easy to install, extremely lightweight and waterproof, the box is the perfect choice for all drone users, especially for amateurs who can crash the aircraft in any moment.