With the increase in the use of drones such as the Rise Vusion house racer 125 FPV drone RTF in areas such as mapping and photography, more people are also interested in extreme FPV racing.

Perhaps you have been trying to race your drone on your own after watching a few YouTube videos before. The videos and events make drone racing seem very easy and quite achievable. But before you take the step to purchase a racing drone, you may consider slowing down a bit.

Know the truth

Before you purchase your Rise Vusion house racer 125 FPV drone RTF, know that FPV drone racing is a bit difficult. Drone racing is not the same as the everyday drone flying as it demands exceptional skills and technique. Also, FPV drone racing gets often done in spaces that are rather tight instead of the open filed where your regular racing gets done.

Even if you find yourself racing outdoors, you will still have to overcome obstacles that are put in place to make it challenging.  For you to use the throttle properly, you will need a lot of practice and skill to get it done. There is a great need for focus and attention to be able to optimize your flying experience at speeds of up to 120mph. The drone pilots you see making it look easy to have been at it for a long time. Many of the expert drone pilots may have crashed a few drones before they became that good.

Tips a Rise Vusion house racer 125 FPV drone RTF pilot must never forget

‚óŹ Begin with a simulator

The easiest way to avoid damaging your drone is by practicing racing using a simulator. You can crash as many times as possible using a simulator without the fear of replacing parts or the entire drone.

  • Explore the outdoors

When you get to the point where you feel you can fly a drone, proceed to an open field. While working towards avowing certain obstacles, you have to get a good grasp of basic controls such as the throttle. You can do this best in an open environment. Also, make sure you practice how to maintain a certain altitude when you are flying. This will prove useful when you have to fly under a gate or ceiling.

Perfect your skills by navigating up and down while making turns till you become very confident controlling the drone at full speed. Before you can confidently avoid obstacles, you will probably need a lot of hours of open flying. Also, flying outdoors allows you to comprehend the basics of FPV flying without causing damage to your drone. Get to understand the controls and settings until you get to the point where you can fly the drone as though you were directly looking at it. But, always remember to only fly your drone in areas that are safe and far from buildings and people.

  • Practice using obstacles

The moment you have understood the dynamics of FPV racing, you need to step up by flying around and through obstacles. You may come up with obstacles such as flags and rums. You could also use gates and hoops gotten online and have them installed outdoors. On the natural side, rocks and trees also serve as good obstacles.

However, make sure you don't rush. Practice controlling pitch and throttle as you navigate through obstacles. You may begin with basic obstacles that are erected in places where you do not have to make sharp turns. As you increase in skills, ensure you create more challenging obstacles, and increase your tempo.

  • Time to go inside

One way to become very proficient is by having a consistent height limit. But, make sure you are very careful so that you do not collide with the ceiling when flying too high or crash to the floor when flying too low. The best places to do this are your garage or an abandoned building. You may start by using available obstacles such as pillars before modifying using your obstacle.

Time to fly

Having understood what it takes to be an expert Rise Vusion house racer 125 FPV drone RTF pilot, you need to get into the mix. You can do this by locating a league or race event to join and compete with other people like you. As your skill grows, you could join bigger leagues and win bigger prizes.