You have come back from a flying session and for whatever reason you have dropped your Taranis radio controller, some of your friends have been messing with it and has broken something or maybe something has got broken by accident, if that is your case, keep reading this Taranis replacement parts guide because you will find a solution as fast as you got mad when for whatever what reason your Taranis was damaged.

The first step before looking for Taranis replacement parts is to think about if you want to fix your Taranis radio and if it is worth to do so, because maybe your annoying friend that you took with you to have some fun messed to much with your equipment and he dropped your loved radio transmitter from the balcony, and it got smashed up. So, to start, it is necessary to do some calculations in order to make the correct decision on whether to fix it or not.

And you can believe me if I tell you that the best part when you have to change the Taranis replacement parts comes after deciding what to do, because you will see how you are saving your money and time instead of still figuring out what to do, and you will be able to start working directly on the replacement of the radio, but you will also be able to have a great time with your new transmitter if you decide to replace it for your old one instead.

Should I Repair or Replace My RC Taranis Radio Transmitter?

Start by figuring out what is wrong with the transmitter, with small drops or small accidents, this is as simple as knowing which switch is in bad conditions, what part of the case has broken up into pieces, why the speaker is not working, amongst other possibilities, to know exactly the Taranis replacement parts that you will need. If this is your case, you obviously don’t need to replace the entire device, but instead, one or few spare parts.

To find any Taranis replacement parts you can visit the website of This webpage has a dedicated tab for spare parts, making the fixing of the transmitter a much faster process. In this tab, you will find any part that your fix requires, from a screen display panel, position switches to any electronic board and even any case of any model of Taranis products. For this reason, either if you need to replace one, or more components, this is the perfect webpage to save time and money.


As you can see, the radio and spare parts on the Horus RC website is the third tab. You will find more than 250 products related with Taranis replacement parts. Searching for the parts you need between that big amount of products can take a long time, for this reason is faster to use the search tool marked with a magnifying glass. Type the name of the product that you are looking for on the text box and hit the search button and repeat the process for any other product you may need.

In the other hand, if you are not able to figure out what is wrong with the transmitter, or it has suffered a big accident and the Taranis replacement parts are not enough, you will probably need to replace your radio transmitter with a new model. In the Horus RC website, you will also find any Taranis transmitters, from inexpensive models to very professional RC radios, but also there is a big variety of sizes and shapes for all likes.

From simpler radio controllers such as the X9 Lite series, that although it is the cheapest Taranis radio transmitter, it is a very capable model with a high variety of capabilities, such as the newest ACCESS protocol, but it preserves the essence of the X9 in a more compact design. You can also find new products such as the X-Lite series which are also very capable transmitters but in a very compact and ergonomic design, making this model very comfortable to handle and to transport.

Finally, you can also find legendary models such as the well-known X9D and QX7 models that have been redesigned, and now they incorporate new improvements, including also the compatibility with the ACCESS protocol. But if you want the top of the line on RC transmitters, Horus RC also has for you the FrSky HORUS series, which are the most complete models and include the most advanced technology all along with an LCD screen which will bring you the best user-friendly experience.