- The great taranis X9D receiver compatibility makes this station a great option since it can be used to control any RC device that we want since we can find receivers of all types and sizes.


              - The new taranis x9d in addition to its exterior improvements such as its momentary switch, its power button and its navigation wheel through the menu also comes with the new ACCESS protocol that makes it compatible with new receiver models that we do not have with its predecessor .

              - The new series of receivers FRSKY Archer have the ACCESS protocol capabilities acrualizacion of firware OTA ( Over the Air) . This new family of receivers will have improved latency, range and performance.

              Series -The receivers Archer keep their sizes and formats through its ACCESS protocol and hardware optimizations now can use 8 - channel high precision PWM channels and 16 SBUS through servoconectores standard at the same time. In addition , any ACCESS receiver equipped with SBUS can be connected to the SBUS IN port comvirtiendolo in a redundant receiver.

              - Also we can find receivers compatible with Taranis X9D in the series of receivers FRSKY XM receivers are more small brand.

              -In this series of receivers we can find the XM + that is highly recommended to install both in racing drones , as in toothpicks and even tiny whoops .

              When we're riding our race always we seek drain lighten the maximum components we choose, or look for the more small possible so that everything fits inside of the space of our frame .

              -The Frsky XM + radio receiver works through SBUS and is very light with only 1.6g which makes it a great alternative to the already famous XSR or X4R also compatible with our Taranis X9D.

              -The XM + receiver is a full range receiver, which gives it an approximate range of 1.5 km, it has 2 antennas that provides complete diversity , it only has 3 pins: Gnd , 5V and signal.

              - It also has RSSI to visualize the signal intensity through channel 16 of Betaflight , and its only disadvantage that this small receiver has is its lack of telemetry.

              - We can also find receivers compatible with Taranis X9D in the Frsky D series of receivers .

              -One of the receivers in this series is the Frsky D8R II that has 8 channels in PPM mode, which makes it a great option to use with any RC plane model since with its 8 channels we can use all its servos.

              -The D8R II has dimensions of 55 * 25 * 14 mm and a weight of only 12.4 g so it will not be any inconvenience in its location in our model aircraft since it will not decompensate our model aircraft, it works with a servo speed of 18 ms in FS (normal speed mode) and 9 ms in HS (high speed mode).

              -This receiver has two external analog telemetry ports (A1 and A2), and a digital data flow port (RX), to update it it is not necessary to open the receiver housing, and it has a low voltage alarm warning or bad reception.

              -Another option to have more receivers compatible with Taranis X9D is to put an external module such as the R9 module, which is a long-range module with its 900 MHZ receivers.

              -In this interesting series of receptors can find receivers or flying wing model aircraft as R9 SX with conecsion PPM receivers or R9 MX smaller and conecxion by SBUS very suitable for our drones .

              -The R9 SX is an upgraded version of receivers with long range capability, it adds 3-pin servoconctors with 6 full PWM channels and uses dual antenna design, the housing comes with a 6-pin multi-purpose plug to give you additional functions like redundancy signal, external battery feedback, etc ...

              -The flexibility of this receiver is a key feature since the 6 PWM channels can be converted into 4 PWM channels and with the additional Ch5 and Ch6 configure them as S.Port and SBUS outputs alternatively to the 6-pin port, in addition to the new ACCESS firmware system .

              -For our drones of long range we can find the receiver MX R9 taking characteristics of previous mini R9 and R9 MM, equivalent in size and weight, and equipped with a connector robust antenna IPEX removable.