I used transmitters like Futaba or Hitec when I piloted only airplanes, but when I moved to the world of FPV drones I had problems due to the size of the receivers and I found this fantastic station with a lot of possibilities and receiver models.

It is a very versatile station thanks to its Open TX operating system that offers us a world of possibilities by allowing us to freely assign all its switches to our liking as best suits us for each model.

It is a station very reliable, at least I still have not had any problems and lose some model fault emission or transmission are accidents less like, which are not the fault of the driver and are because of the radio set.

Lately I am becoming fond of flying long-distance drones ( long range ) and thanks to its rear compartment you can easily install the R9 module that with its super 8 antenna gives us a very considerable distance for drones or flying wings.

This station has two main controls, six levers 3 position, one lever with two positions, one lever type switch, potentiometer type two-wheeled and two upper levers potentiometer type side, these last I are very useful for the flaps of planes.

The FrSky Taranis X9D also has a large screen at the bottom that allows us to see the menu without problems, being able to vary the color of the lighting and the brightness to our liking to be able to see it as we like in any circumstance.

This station has a menu by pages quite easy to use and easy to navigate thanks to its 3 buttons on the right of the screen and another 3 buttons on its left, in the new model the 3 buttons on the left have been replaced for a roulette that makes it even easier and faster to use.

The Open TX operating system is an open system that allows us a great variety of possibilities thanks to its updates as well as allowing us to use the internal module as well as an external one, or even both simultaneously.

A function that I like a lot about the FrSky Taranis X9D is its voice prompts function that are very useful especially when we do FPV flights since with our glasses on we cannot see the screen of our station, thanks to its audio warnings we can save an accident that would otherwise have no remedy.

This station is fully customizable and we can find different colored housings and even improve it by acquiring higher quality components that FrSky offers us , as well as we can find all kinds of spare parts so we will not have to change the complete station in case any of its components are damaged.

Thanks to its infinity of possibilities to configure the controls, it has also been very useful for me to control a radio-controlled truck with its different functions of lights and sounds or gearbox.

It has an integrated charging system so it is not necessary to remove the battery to charge it, we simply have to connect the plug in the connector on the bottom right, in addition the battery has a fairly long duration so we will not have We have to charge it every day, and we have the option of having a spare battery or even installing a lipo battery to have even more autonomy.

The FrSky Taranis X9D also has a USB connector on its back with which we can connect our station to the computer to update it or practice with a simulator assigning its various controls to have a flight similar to the real flight that we usually perform.

For this station, FrSky offers us a wide variety of receivers with or without telemetry and a different number of channels thanks to its S bus ports , it should also be said that it is compatible with practically all the Tinys that we can find in the market and thus be able to fly them with our station instead of with those stations that come with some that are toy.