If you are typing "the verge drone x pro" in the search engine, you are probably looking for a review or some leaks about the release of the X Pro successor. Indeed, The Verge is a reputed website that brings about the latest innovations in technology, with a special section dedicated to drones, where drone fans can find fresh leaks about new releases as well as read controversial news about drone events.

Unfortunately, there isn't info about the launch of the X Pro sequel on the website yet, so the initial version still remains a trendy option that anyone would love flying. If you consider buying this aircraft, we are here to give you an in-detail analysis of the main features, so that you get a closer understanding of the gadget and decide whether or not it is worth giving a try.

Weight and size

Weighing just 85g, X Pro is the lightest drone you can find on the market, while size-wise, it can easily fit in your pocket or palm, making it the most compact drone as well. Regardless of its tiny dimensions, the aircraft is loaded with superior technology attributes that are craftily integrated into its sleek design.


If you expect to have a professional camera in your drone, X Pro will not disappoint. The device has a cutting-edge camera that captures 12MP stills and shoots videos in 720k. You can also activate the panoramic mode and take 360-degree views. Whether it's a photo or a video, the quality of the image is excellent, providing highlighted details and a wide color spectrum.


Fascinating shots are also possible thanks to the integrated gimbal that stabilizes the camera in harsh conditions. Not only it will make the camera still in strong wind, but also it will keep it horizontal when the drone switches direction abruptly or performs stunts.


Thanks to its micro size, X Pro is one the easiest to use drones on the market. The radio control is as easy as ABC, having the basic keys for taking off and landing sticks for steering and buttons for gaining speed and taking shots. If you are a beginner, it will take just a couple of minutes to master the controls.

There is also a tiny button that makes the drone perform stunning 360 flip flops. Pressing the button is not a hard task, of course, but you are not recommended to do it unless you have advanced pilot skills. Before making 360 rolls, you need to ensure that the weather conditions are favorable and be ready to act promptly and switch to manual control in case an emergency during the stunt happens.


X Pro works great with Android, so you will be able to connect your phone to the radio control and get real-time footage from the drone's camera in high quality.


With just 85 grams in weight, the drone fits greatly in your pocket or backpack. The device requires even less storage space after folding the blades up, becoming the size of a smartphone. Moreover, by folding the propellers, you will make the transportation safer, reducing damage.


The drone allows for two-speed modes. If you are facing a strong wind, you are better off choosing high-speed mode that will provide more torque and resist the air current which can destabilize the light device at ease. If you are flying through in sunny weather, you are encouraged to switch to low-speed mode. This will help you save battery and spend more time playing with your aircraft.


Being small in size, the drone suits only small batteries, which allow for a short flight time. But there is also good news. The battery charges fast in just 60 minutes, comparing to several hours in large batteries. You can also buy more LiPo batteries to replace them over and over, without having to wait an hour.

All in all, if you want to get the best value of money, you have to buy an X Pro drone. It combines ease of use with sophisticated technology, allowing for fascinating 360 flip flops and 720k videos while still providing easy controls that even a child can master. If you expect the upgraded version of X Pro, you can keep up with the news on the Verge website, where info about new drone releases is regularly leaked.