Many people have the question: What is a feathering shaft RC helicopter? Firstly, we should have a knowledge about the RC helicopter. An RC helicopter is made up of various parts; one of them is the feathering shaft. Though you spend a huge amount of cash purchasing the device, you have to consider other accessories. These parts tend to costly; hence, you need to budget accordingly. One of the parts is the feathering shaft, which wears out after some time, and you’ll need to replace it.   

What is a feathering shaft RC helicopter?

A feathering shaft RC helicopter refers to a part of the two-blades in the device that connects the blade grips on the head. The feathering shaft has been designed to allow the blade grips to rotate along the center axis. This, in turn, allows the pitch of the individual blades to be mottled independently.     

Additionally, the feathering shaft is not rigidly attached to the head. This allows the blades room for flapping, which in turn helps in forward flight and wind handling. The header dampers allow the movement of the feathering shaft within the head.   

How to check a feathering shaft for damage

A feathering shaft is a crucial part of your RC helicopter; thus, it needs to be in good shape to lift the aircraft. Before heading to a park and lunching the drone, the feathering shaft needs to be checked to ascertain it is not damaged. The damaged part of the helicopter is a danger to you and others. Here are the two methods you can use to check the shaft. 

Method 1

The first option would be removing the shaft and rolling it on a piece of flat glass. Placing the part on a glass object illuminates it from all sides, making it easier for you to observe the shaft keenly. If you see a bent shaft, then it requires replacement.  

Method 2

The other method is removing one or even both main blades and then installs an appropriate size hex key. The key should go to the socket head of the feathering shaft keeper bolt. The next step is turning the keeper blot and visually inspect the blade grips to check if it wiggles when turning. If that is the case, then the shaft is bent and needs to be replaced before taking off.  

RC Helicopter Buyers Guide 

When shopping for an RC helicopter, there are certain things that one should consider. This ensures you get the right device that takes care of your needs. Before we get to the features to look at, there are specific terms you need to understand to know what they mean.

This includes:

Almost Ready to Fly(ARF): refers to drones or aircraft that are almost ready to be flown, but certain features need to be added. They include radio gears or minimal assembly of some parts. Therefore if you see the manufacture has described the RC helicopter, then know there are features you‘ll need to install.

Ready To Fly (RTF): refers to airplanes with all the parts fitted, and all it awaits is load batteries and fly it. This is the best airplane for a beginner who is venturing into the game.

Bind and Fly(BNF): When you see the manufacturer describing their BNF model, know that drone comes preassembled. What will be required from you is to bind the device to a suitable 2.4 GHz radio and begin to fly it.

Things to consider when choosing RC helicopter  

Now that you understand what the terms mean let’s look at the features to consider before purchasing your toy.


Before heading to a physical store or even online to purchase an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), consider your finances. Various manufactures offer the toy at a different price. However, the dilemma comes when one is trying to find the best toy in terms of quality. 

We understand this; that is why we recommend conducting a market survey. This helps you to eliminate the brokers who are only after your cash. Ask your friends who have been in the industry longer than you to point you to the right deals. This guarantees you get value for your money and a durable quality brand.  


The size of your aircraft also matters a lot. There are those RC helicopters that are small and can be flown indoors. On the other hand, there are devices meant for outdoor use only. Therefore, consider the size of the toy you need. 

3.Flight control

A helicopter needs to have four main controls for practical flying. The controls are pitch (elevator), roll(aileron), yaw (rubber or tail rotor), and throttle. These controls fall under the mode 2 controls. Though there are other controls, one can use these as the basic mode for beginners. Unless you are comfortable with other modes, we recommend starting on this one.

4.Fuel or electric power

Some drones are powered with an electric battery or even fuel. Each of the engines has a learning curve that one needs to must. The fuel-powered helicopter requires glow plugs, fuel pumps, which means you need gas to the plane in the air.

Plus, you need to know how to tune and operate the internal-combustion engine. This takes time to master, but after a while, you’ll learn the ropes. It’s vital to know most fuel-based helicopters use convectional fuel such as oil methanol or even nitro-methane.

When it comes to the electric powder airplane, there are certain things you’ll need to purchase. They are batteries, motors, and speed controllers. Remember, the batteries will need to be charged from time to time for the RC helicopter to be powered. 

Take Away

RC helicopter is the best if you are looking for an adventurous drone. However, before purchasing it, there are certain things that one needs to consider. This is why we have compiled the most important feature to look at before ordering the helicopter. 

At the same time, the device needs to be maintained and kept in shape. Therefore the feathering shaft has to be checked before taking off. If the shaft is bent, then it needs to be replaced. This should be done immediately to avoid it crushing.