Horusrc is a company with a warehouse in Germany that distributes and markets frsky products of various classes such as: transmitters and parts thereof, receivers, servos, some flight controller boards for aircraft and drones, servos of various classes and forces.

It also markets some external brands such as beta fpv, some runcam cameras, diatone innovation, emax engines. This company makes shipments from its warehouse in Germany to 27 countries of the European community. Shipping is free to these destinations if the buyer spends an amount greater than € 100 in our store. The shipments are quite fast and very safe.



In a company authorized for the distribution of products frsky taranis and receivers, they also distribute servos and electronic boards of the frsky brand. They also sell products of other brands such as batteries, airplanes, chargers, test modules, smoke systems and tools.

They are located in Germany in the city of Adelebsen. This company makes shipments to the 27 countries of the European economic community.


FPV 24:

Store authorized by the company frsky distribute its products as rc transmitters and rc receivers antennas. This store is specialized in racing and freestyle drones and also airplanes.

They have all kinds of components for air vehicles for the activity of first person flight (FPV). They sell transmitters, chargers, lipo batteries, propellers, video system and other assorted components.

This store has a website to buy through the internet. This store is located in Germany in the city of Remagen



Store specialized in the sale and distribution of items for aircraft and drones. This company has a lot of experience in the radio control and model aircraft sector.

This company has free shipping by the DHL company to Germany for purchases over € 100 and to the rest of Europe for purchases over € 500.

It distributes a very wide range of the frsky company such as transmitters and spare parts for transmitters, receivers, servos, voltage meters.

 They also work with well-known brands in our sector such as tattu batteries, emax or tmotor motors, runcam cameras, propellers from the well-known gemfan company.

This store only has the option of ordering over the internet through its website.



Online store specialized in the sale of complete racing drones or parts. If we look at its website we can see that it works with the best brands on the market and has a fairly wide variety of products. distributes frsky, emax, tbs, rc immersion, dji among many other possibilities. apart from racing drones they also sell flying wings, xclass drones which are large drones and toothpick which is an intermediate between a racing drone and a tiny one. They have a very good customer service and their website is quite clear and easy to handle. This company has its warehouse in France



It is an online store based in France. Authorized frsky dealer. It distributes its transmitters, receivers and servos and voltage meters. They also distribute other brands with strength in the drone market such as DJI in professional drones used for taking photos and videos for the professional sector. They also distribute racing drones, graformat drones such as xclass and tiny whoops



is a store specialized in model airplane items with extensive experience in the sector. distributor of several articles of frsky. They also distribute complete drones and some parts of them to maintain them. They have good brands that even though they have a very high cost, they also have very good quality.