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Why shop with us?

  • Precision: To enjoy our hobbies, we know that you need fine control and precision in input. Our radio transmitter options allow for a seamless and smooth control experience. This lets you focus on having a great time.
  • Knowledgeability: Our telemetry modules and sensors provide you with all the information that you need to understand how your models perform. This allows serious hobbyists like you to more carefully tune your machines for better performance.
  • Reliability: Bearings, screws, hooks, cabling, tires, and so much more are little things. But these little things often meant the difference between a functional and non-working model. That’s why you can count on us for even the little things done right.
  • Power: Whether you’re dealing with engines or batteries, we make sure that you are equipped with the most dependable components. If you’re driven by speed and strength, look no further that our inventory of the best brands.

What holiday does HorusRC get off?




New Year’s Day

January 1st

3 days

Spring Festival

Subject to lunation

Approximately late January

7 days

Qing Ming Festival

April 4th or April 5th

1 days

May Day

May 1st

3 days

Dragon Boat Festival

Subject to lunation

Approximately late June

1 day

Mid-Autumn Day

Subject to lunation

Approximately late September

1 day

National day




How to contact HorusRC?

What is the newsletter?

The HorusRC newsletter is a FREE email containing EXTREME coupons, offers, promotions, and contests. Email address will never be rented, shared, or sold. You can subscribe at any time.

What currency is used to display price on HorusRC?

The prices listed on HorusRC and the order pages can be showed in USD, XPF, CAD, CDF, EUR, GIP, HKD, NZD according to the language you choose.

What’s the meaning of the different status?

In stock: Item is available now and it will ship in around 3 days after you place an order.

Pre-order: Item is temporarily out of the stock but will be available soon. You can add it to your cart.

Awaiting payment: Your payment process is not complete. Once your order is successfully paid. The status will be updated.

Awaiting shipment: Item hasn’t been shipped yet, it will be shipped when the goods are ready.

Sold out: Item is not currently available.


What payment options are available to me?

HorusRC offer four of the most modern payment methods: 

  • PayPal
  • VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX
  • Western Union
  • Bank Transfer

Why was my credit card payment declined?

All payment processing is handled by an independent secure payment processor. HorusRC is not given any payment information.  Please verify the following and contact your credit card issuer if the problem persists.

  • Incorrect billing information
  • Insufficient funds
  •  Card has been reported as lost or stolen
  •  Card has expired
  •  Card has not been activated
  •  Card cannot be used to pay for goods/services in a Cardholder-Not-Present environment (online/over the internet)
  •  3-D Secure (MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa) has not been activated
  • Credit limit reached

Is it safe to buy from HorusRC with Credit Card?

Here at HorusRC we take your privacy and the protection of your information very seriously. Our purpose in collecting and storing your shipping information is to provide you with an efficient and safe shopping experience. Unlike other online merchant sites that collect financial information directly, we only store the information that is necessary to deliver the products and service you want.

Why was my Paypal payment declined?

All payment processing is handled directly by PayPal.  HorusRC is not given any payment information.  Please verify the following and contact PayPal if the problem persists.

  •  Zero balance without backup funding
  •  Returned Check
  •  Negative Balance
  •  Exceeded spending Limit
  •  Credit card expired
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