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FrSky Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 with Latest ACCESS

Product Rating:

Product Rating

Product Review (submitted on October 15, 2019):

I have now owned and used the X9D Plus SE -2019 for 2 weeks. After a few days of familiarisation I find it lives up to all the claims made by the vendor. I had difficulties initially with the lack of a suitable SDCard version. This is naturally understandable as the TX ships without the SDCard or a battery. This is carefully pointed out in the description on the vendors site, it would be handy if the vendor made a download file available. I eventually made SDCard-212x64-2.3V0021function but I had to load it onto the SDCard while it was plugged into my computer not via the usb cable to the TX. (I use a Mac) Using openTX Companion 2.3 copying models saved in Version 2.2.4 was easy but each plane had to be carefully checked as some parameters were not downloaded correctly or missing. Using the TX at the flying field is much the same as my old Taranis X9D but it is certainly noticeably more sensitive to control inputs. Finally I have used my old X9D for just on 6 years and am familiar with the system but I am sure that newcomers to the RC flying will find no real problems if they ask people who already own a X9D. I find it easier to program on the TX rather than openTX Companion.