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Ordering & Shipping

For most of our shipping channel,the logsitc company charged us by size weight/volume weight.Normal formular is as follows ( Length (cm)Xwidth (cm)Xheight (cm)/ 5000 = volume weight in kg)

For example, the box size of the our Package box of X9DP is 31cm*32cm*17cm,the volume weight
is 3.3kg (31*32*17/5000).Since our package box have some space, if you add 5 more receivers, the
shipping cost will still be the same.

So we strongly recommend you to order some small items togher with the radio to save some shipping cost.

We take pride in the care and attention given to our packing and shipping processes. In fact, our packing department double checks the item/items in your order and undertakes proper photo documentation as a backup. If you received a package that is either incorrect or incomplete, undertake the following processes:

  • KEEP all packaging components and products—retain 100% of the packaging as it is received.
  • Photograph the parcel and its contents. Make sure that images contain the product,

package, and even packing materials clearly.

  • Contact customer care and provide them with your order number, the problem with your order, and attach the images you’ve taken.
  • Failure to follow the procedures will result in rejection of your claims.

Legally, a parcel can’t be considered lost until after a missing parcel report has be issued with the post office and this can only be done after 45 days. Once we’ve filed said report and have had a response (no longer than 60 days) from the relevant postal authorities, we can then proceed to replace your parcel. Please note, however, that we do not refund or replace any items that were lost because they weren’t picked up within the set time. We also do not offer refunds or replacements on items that were lost in transit while being sent back to us or were sent to the wrong address to begin with.

Sometimes unforeseen events might cause package delays. These things are usually beyond our control, as much as we’d like to be able to take control of things ourselves. However, if your package hasn’t arrived in excess of 20 days after it was to have been shipped out, kindly get in contact with us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in figuring out what happened. Before you reach out to us, make sure you check with your local post office first. Sometimes, the post office is actually waiting for you to collect the parcel.

First of all, please make sure you’ve got the right number and are tracking your package at the right website.

The tracking number need to be scanned and updated on the website by the post office before it works. In that case, you can check it again in 1-2 business days.

If your problem persists, please contact us for further help.

In stock: Item is available now and it will ship in around 3 days after you place an order. ( except for pre-order items)

Pre-order: Item is temporarily out of the stock but will be available soon. You can add it to your cart.

Sold out: Item is not currently available. You can subscribe  and we will send you emails once we get stock.

Awaiting payment: Your payment process is not complete. Once your order is successfully paid. The status will be updated.

Processing: Item hasn’t been shipped yet, it will be shipped when the goods are ready.

Complete: The order has been shipped out from our warehouse.



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New Year’s Day January 1st 3 days
Spring Festival Subject to lunation

Approximately late January

7 days
Qing Ming Festival April 4th or April 5th 1 days
May Day May 1st 3 days
Dragon Boat Festival Subject to lunation

Approximately late June

1 day
Mid-Autumn Day Subject to lunation

Approximately late September

1 day
National day Oct.1st 3days
  • Precision: To enjoy our hobbies, we know that you need fine control and precision in input. Our radio transmitter options allow for a seamless and smooth control experience. This lets you focus on having a great time.
  • Knowledgeability: Our telemetry modules and sensors provide you with all the information that you need to understand how your models perform. This allows serious hobbyists like you to more carefully tune your machines for better performance.
  • Reliability: Bearings, screws, hooks, cabling, tires, and so much more are little things. But these little things often meant the difference between a functional and non-working model. That’s why you can count on us for even the little things done right.
  • Power: Whether you’re dealing with engines or batteries, we make sure that you are equipped with the most dependable components. If you’re driven by speed and strength, look no further that our inventory of the best brands.

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